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Highlights: Spain 1-1 France (FIFA World Cup 2014 UEFA Qualifying Group I - 16/10/12)

1-0 | S. Ramos | 25'
1-1 | O. Giroud | 90' +4'

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crazyturkey3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Fair result. In the first half it was mostly all Spain. Maybe after the Spain goal France had like 5 minutes where they tried to attack, but that was it. Fabregas even missed a penalty near the end of the first half. Also they had important injuries early in the game.

In The second half France tried and succeeded fighting for control of the midfield. When Spain had to chase the ball they got tired really quickly. I saw most of them walking most of the second half. The fact that Spain wasn't playing with a striker, gave France more confidence to attack as soon as they smelled blood. Even after Torres came in France had the momentum in their favor. In a few occasions they made Spain look bad. They fought to the last play (literally) and got a deserved point from a tired Spain squad.

crazyturkey3333d ago

Forgot to mention that France got a good goal denied by the refs. before the penalty.

mafiahajeri3333d ago

You could have edited your post. You have 5 bubbles you should know that and why do you feel the need to give us this obvious info? You should work in a studio analyzing games. Lol

PaPa-Slam3332d ago

Agreed, that was unfortunate.

mafiahajeri3333d ago

Stupid from Spain to get caught like that in the last minute to pompous. The offside wasn't right so justice was served although it doesn't matter because these two teams will make it wether in playoffs or first place.

no_more_heroes3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Good goal from Giroud. I hope this is now the beginning of a goalscoring run! :D

PaPa-Slam3332d ago

Damn, missed the match & the highlights as well.

Is anyone else get the Content Reject on the video.