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Manchester City & Arsenal just call players and offer them lots of money, says Rosell

The Barcelona president says the Premier League duo use strong-arm tactics to bring in talent and has poured cold water on the idea of a European super league

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imtiyaz63766d ago

I'm completely lost for words....

PaPa-Slam3766d ago

Agreed, this is just gross.

karim3766d ago

That's coming from a man who bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexis Sanchez for nearly 100 million

no_more_heroes3766d ago

He's seriously saying this? REALLY?!

crazyturkey3766d ago

Still butt-hurt over 30mill profit Cesc are we?

pompombrum3766d ago

If they want to talk football transfer ethics, they can look no further than their widely documented pursuit of Fabregas. There is resentment at the Catalan club for the fee they paid for him? LOL WHAT?? <35m for someone as young, experienced and talented as Fabregas? By today's over inflated prices, he's easily worth double what they paid for him. Not to mention if he had stayed at Barce, he probably wouldn't be the player he is today as he'd never have beaten Iniesta, Xavi, Deco etc to the first team.

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