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Barcelona film Pepe over four Clasicos in search for unsporting behavour, claims Catalunya Radio

A popular broadcast suggested the footage was taken to single out the Blancos stopper for his actions on the pitch, though Pep Guardiola declined to release it to the media

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karim3763d ago

Amazing how fast I'm losing respect to Barcelona day by day..

lugia 40003763d ago (Edited 3763d ago ) WKpnY

And this?

Nes_Daze3762d ago

There is actually no need to release such video, or do that in the first place, everybody knows Pepe is an animal. Link didn't work for me though.

topgeareasy3762d ago

Barca are just diving scums

pompombrum3754d ago

Smart move tbh albeit should be done before a clasico. Madrid after all did compile footage of Barcelona players diving. While that isn't right, the conduct of Madrid players isn't really much better either. Still a good call by Barcelona, even in normal matches Pepe is an animal, add the fiery nature of the clasico and you have an animal on steroids, now releasing videos targeting said animal before an important match.. who knows what you'd get.