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Highlights: Tottenham Hotspur 2-4 Chelsea (English Premier League - 20/10/12)

0-1 | G. Cahill | 17'
1-1 | W. Gallas | 47'
2-1 | J. Defoe | 54'
2-2 | J. Mata | 66'
2-3 | J. Mata | 69'
2-4 | D. Sturridge | 90' +1'

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no_more_heroes3761d ago

No revenge for AVB this time. The better team won in the end. Would've preferred a draw, but I'm not gonna be too disappointed about Tottenham losing. ;)

Oi, Chelsea's gonna take some catching...

ProjectVulcan3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Chelsea have a lovely looking attack. Really excellent and blossoming.

But it is clear they are still vulnerable at the back and in the end I think it'll cost them. When they aren't playing ultra defensive they do and will concede quite a few goals.

I'm not sure they can improve their defence with the personnel they have. They spent plenty on building a fabulous attack, but they really needed a new top class centre back/right back and didn't get one. Not enough defensive depth or quality at the back.

Their attack will carry them a long way but not to the title if they can't keep it tighter. Same goes for Man Utd, but I think United can improve.

MaximusPrime3761d ago

brilliant match.

Mata's a man of the match. brilliant throughout and scored 2 goals. Nearly scored a third.

Spain you should have got him in international games..

MaximusPrime3761d ago

Thanks for disagreeing. I watched the game and stand by my comment.

Looking forward to Man Utd matches. Next sunday and following Wednesday, both at Stamford Bridge.

goku323593761d ago

Why'd you get so many disagrees?

MaximusPrime3761d ago

I don't know... Probably someone don't like Chelsea fans

imtiyaz63761d ago

Hazard, Oscar and Mata are playing really well together. The creativity in Chelsea's midfield is frightening. Acquiring Falcao in the January window will probably give them an offence that can go toe to toe with the likes of Madrid and Barca. Tottenham though, can't seem to be able to defend especially when they're leading. They got really lucky at Old Trafford.

imtiyaz63761d ago

Btw, why wasn't Bale playing?

Mozilla893761d ago

Apparently his wife or girlfriend (not sure which) was going in labour.

asmith23063761d ago

I thought they played Utd off the park in the first half at Old Trafford. Bale and Dembele were missed today, Spurs don't have strength in depth. Their full first team is great though. Adebayor is so frustrating to watch, I'm surprised Spurs took him back. And what was Walker doing? For that stupidity Chelsea deserved the win.

Kos-Mos3761d ago

Tottenham=perfect example of a random team.

karim3761d ago

Mata's a beast, transferring him in my fantasy team was the best decision I made in weeks!