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'We should take Falcao' - Manchester City scout reveals interest in Atletico Madrid star

Carlo Cancellieri reveals the Premier League champions' interest in the Colombian hotshot, while also claiming they would be interested in a move for Cesc Fabregas

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jak3y13oy3759d ago

Man City dont need them!

sdtarm3758d ago

if they dont take him the opposition will, its the way they see them, space must be opened to give him a starting place and seeing tevez and aguero are such amazing strikers then idk what they are gonna do, he wont sit on the bench the way dzeko does, i guess they could shift to a three man attack with two wingers and one striker, and let dzeko go or maybe milner

asmith23063757d ago

Clubs who are bankrolled like City really annoy me. They buy players just for the sake of it. They are rolling in high value forwards. Ruins the game if you ask me, I hope a transfer cap comes into play in the near future.

silvacrest3757d ago

city really have enough strikers now, i dont see them buying him just because they can

Theo11303757d ago

He's coming to the other side of madrid, and Higuain is going to chelsea or Juve

yezz3756d ago

Mourinho has said that they will not try to buy Falcao because the Madrid teams have this "agreement" that they will not try to buy each others important players..

XboxInnovation3756d ago

I'd never go to City if I was him. Chelsea, Juventus would be my choices