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Highlights: Manchester United 3-2 SC Braga (UEFA Champions League Group H - 23/10/12)

0-1 | Alan | 2'
0-2 | Alan | 20'
1-2 | J. Hernandez | 25'
2-2 | J. Evans | 62'
3-2 | J. Hernandez | 75'

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Nes_Daze3699d ago

Slow start, but damn, what a finish, Chicharito was on point today, I have to admit I didn't expect 2 from him.

zeddy3699d ago

chicharito seems to have improved his all round game on the evidence of tonight and its ironic that both of his runs were both on side after being caught offside so much this season.

buddymagoo3699d ago

When I find myself in times of trouble, Chicharito scored for me! Javier Hernandez, Little Pea, Little Pea!

crazyturkey3699d ago

Had to double check the score when I saw 2-0 to Braga.

dcortz20273699d ago

Great performance by Chicharito and Manchester United!

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