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Highlights: Everton 2-2 Liverpool (English Premier League - 28/10/2012)

0-1 L. Baines (OG) 14'

0-2 L. Suarez 20'

1-2 L.Osman 22'

2-2 S. Naismith 35'

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freeduck4257d ago

Wow we shouldve won, disallowed goal at the 94th minute

jak3y13oy4257d ago

What happened there!? Offside? Foul? Does anyone know??

freeduck4257d ago

Linesman thought that Suarez was offside when he struck it in goal, but every replay showed that he was well onside.

hkgamer4257d ago

He thought Suarez was offside for some odd reason. It was the most easiest decision to make, but i guess that linesman missed it because he was looking out for other things.

I'm a liverpool fan as well so I am extra disappointed that Suarez's disallowed goal was clearly onside and Hernandez's goal was clearly offside.

I do think that football should allow managers to challenge the referees just like tennis. Managers could have unlimited times to challenge a referees decision, but if they are proven wrong three times then they are not allowed to challenge again.

asmith23064257d ago

Suarez takes the cake for celebration of the season! Once again, Liverpool are unlucky. There was nothing wrong with that goal at the end.

jak3y13oy4257d ago

What a game!

what is it with players giving own goals! giving me minus points on Fantasy League!

Diffraction_Fos4257d ago

Nerves of steel by Suarez in the face of an abusive crowd and scathing remarks by the opposition manager. Less theatrical falls and more attacking moves. It was criminal of the linesman to raise the flag at the end.

However, overall, a draw was, maybe, a fair result? But Suarez should've had 2 goals.

The referee was decent, but the linesman was drunk -