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Luis Suarez trolls David Moyes with a diving celebration in front of the Everton dugout

A .gif image showing Luis Suarez making light of his "diver" reputation right in front of David Moyes.

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freeduck4055d ago

Deserved it for what he said about Suarez earlier in the week.

Diffraction_Fos4055d ago

When the commentators were talking about Suarez being Man of the Match, they were saying David Moyes was at fault for firing up Suarez's determination by making derogatory remarks about him before the game.

Moyes can thank the linesman for saving him from being embarrassed by Suarez at the end. Maybe next time he'll learn to focus on his own players instead.

Why o why4055d ago

listening to moyes after you could hear hes the type who can take what he gives. He said he woulda probably of done the same if he were in suarezs shoes. He did say he should of got sent off for the tackle he did though

Nes_Daze4055d ago

LOL the fans were so pissed!

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