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'It's his own fault' - Sir Alex Ferguson has no sympathy for Torres after red card

The Manchester United manager also admitted that his side "had a little bit of luck" with Chicharito's decisive goal in the 3-2 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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Nes_Daze3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Uh...he went down because it was a foul, there was contact(minimal but still there), where exactly was he going to run?? He had lost the ball at that point. Maybe run away from the unfair red card? he probably would've had a better chance at doing that. I swear SAF says things sometimes...

ProjectVulcan3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

The contact was absolutely minimal. He would have exerted more force if he had actually blown on him through a straw. We can discuss this specific incident but lets be clear- Torres could have easily been off even earlier because his tackling was awful, and the one on Cleverley was shocking.

Torres went down easily because he had clearly lost control of the ball and was getting nothing in that attack. He did look for the foul. That makes it understandable that the ref viewed it as a dive and bookable. If the ref had realised Torres was already on a yellow sooner, he might have let it pass this once. It seemed he didn't and he had to send him off once he had shown the second yellow.

It depends on what the definition of a dive is. Does a dive mean NO contact? Or does it really mean that the player goes down on purpose when they could have probably stayed on their feet?

Torres could have stayed on his feet in my opinion, but the ball would have been gone.

By trying to go down easily to find the foul and decieve the ref, the ref does have the right to bring out that yellow, even if it seems harsh as he was already booked.

Frankly I would rather refs be HARSH on divers, than lenient. Tell me I'm wrong and players that go down easily to win kicks should be let off all the time.

If players know they'll be punished hard for anything that looks like simulation, they'll try their hardest to stay on their feet instead which is much easier to see! Football will gain. Find fault with this argument.

Nes_Daze3805d ago

Thing is, I see refs call fouls based on very small amount of contact, contact is no matter what, a little push here or a slick kick there could do more than some actually think. Yeah, Torres could've kept going, but, at that point, he had lost the ball, and that minimal contact had at least something to do with it.

I guess it really comes down to mostly opinion, but a second yellow? I just don't think that was right, you can hand out cards if players dive, but one way or another Evans made a tackle(or tried) and there was contact, the matter of whether he went down easily or not imo, is of less importance compared to whether the foul broke the player's control of the ball. I understand what you're saying about these calls helping the game, but it's a thin line when it comes to actually knowing whether a player "went down too easily" in the midst of a game.

ProjectVulcan3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

The minimal contact had nothing to do with him losing the ball. The last heavy touch he made to knock the ball behind Evans long before the slightest contact was made clearly made certain that Ferdinand or De Gea would have got to the ball first.

He could have gotten away without another yellow if the ref had realised it meant he would have to go.

However in my opinion Torres was begging for that red card for much of the game, thanks to the tackles prior to this.

The matter of whether he went down easily or not- thats the entire point of the argument of diving and winning fouls. If you go down when you are quite able to stay on your feet as it certainly seemed Torres could have, then that is really simulation.

If you really believe that Torres had control of the ball as the tackle went in then I suggest you watch the footage again because quite clearly Ferdinand had a yard on him and Torres had no hope of getting to it before Ferdinand after he knocked it on.

p_bateman3806d ago

Whisky face should shut up his team were lucky shrek should have sent off.

asmith23063806d ago

Sure why would he have sympathy for him!?

p_bateman3805d ago

vulcanproject what about ashley young, he should be punished then biggest diver in the lge remember last season the pens he won or should I says superman.

ProjectVulcan3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Young should be punished for diving. Suarez should be punished. Torres should be punished.

Any player should face up to harsh refereeing if it meant that they would think twice about blatantly diving or even just going down easily.

I'd rather the refs get it wrong by sending off players for diving than giving them silly free kicks and penalties.

p_bateman3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I agree with you but only when its a blatant dive if the ref is unsure then play on.

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