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Steven Gerrard dismisses rivals Everton as a 'similar side to Stoke'


The midfielder claimed his men were the only ones interested in playing football in the 2-2 draw at Goodison Park and praised his team-mates – which included three teenagers and five derby debutants – for standing up to their near-neighbours.

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no_more_heroes4223d ago

Sorry, Stevie, but I have to disagree, especially this season. Everton have been playing some good football. At most, they use their aerial threat well, but they're definitely no Stoke City.

I don't care that Arsenal have won more prem points against Everton than any other team (or something close to that), I genuinely fret when we play them. They're a hard team to beat.

freeduck4223d ago

I'd have to disagree about Everton playing "good football." There tactics to get through the midfield are just long-balls to Fellaini and Jelavic, who are good at holding the ball. They pass to the wing, and build an attack from there. Rinse and repeat. That's what they did when LFC played them on Sunday, but at half-time Rodgers changed the formation to 3-5-2, and that left Everton unable to create any attack.
I think Everton have overachieved so far but I can't imagine them keeping up with their results as more managers start to see how to counter Everton

ProjectVulcan4223d ago

Ha. Everton are a far superior footballing side than Liverpool. They have better players and a better squad. In all honesty if I was picking a side from the two teams not many Liverpool players would get in it.

It was no fluke that they finished above Liverpool last season and they'll do it again this season too.

What Liverpool did at the weekend was try and get rough and kick Everton off the park. Mirallas mugged off Liverpool constantly and all he got for his play was a right kicking. Liverpool should have had more cards for sure.

freeduck4223d ago


Spoken like a true Utd fan, sometimes that clouds your judgement.
I laughed at your first statement (actually, all of them). Let's see..
Reina = Howard
Agger/Skrtel >>> Jagielka/Distin
Gerrard/Lucas/Sahin/Allen >>>> Fellaini, Osman, Neville, Pienaar
Suarez >>> Jelavic

The only Everton player I can think of who can walk into the LFC squad is Leighton Baines simply because Enrique is out-of-form. Fellaini would be a great impact sub.

And clearly you did not watch the game, Everton were far more physical. Players like Suso, Sterling, Assaidi, Wisdom rely on talent.

Sahil4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )


hahahahhahahah... we tried to be rough and kick everton off the park.. hahahahahahahahahaha

What a joker you are.. hahahahahahahahahaha

Still bitter about Man City finishin above you & winning the league, eh?

ProjectVulcan4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

The best bit is Gerrard backed down from these claims today, after watching the game again and realising he was talking utter bollox like you do.

Everton----------- Liverpool

56.2% Possession 43.8%

400 Passes 314

78.5% Passing accuracy 76.8%

13.8% Proportion of long passes 14.6%

Everton kept the ball much better, passed it more, passed it shorter more often. Look at these stats and TRY you hardest (I know its difficult for Liverpool fans) to wake up to reality.

I love how you rate most of Liverpool's squad over Everton's despite the fact they have proven they are a considerably better side over a season. The stats alone from the derby show you up.

Spoken like a true Liverpool fan who massively overrates his mediocre mid table side....the evidence has been there for seasons now and is STILL there Liverpool are a mid table team and their abilities are as such!

I laugh at most of your posts about your own club.

You tell me, if Liverpool are so much better than Everton then why is that ONLY obvious to Liverpool fans and not EVERYONE else in the world? Haha. You would still think you were world beaters and had a better squad than everyone if you were in the relegation zone, which you were...

Everyone else respects Everton and Moyes for how they have played this season so far and last. Liverpool shouldn't even be compared right now, because their performances this season are nothing.

If Everton don't finish above Liverpool again I'll eat my hat, its a sure thing.

freeduck4222d ago

How many EPL games did Moyes have with Everton? Several hundred.. How many with Rodgers? 9. Slow start to the season as expected, just look at Fergie's first few seasons with Utd - abysmal.
Fact is that LFC were denied 3 points, and Everton should've lost. Just like Utd should've lost at Anfield.
Still plenty of points to play for

ProjectVulcan4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Fact is Liverpool didn't win and probably shouldn't have anyway, going by the run of play. The second Liverpool goal came from a freekick that wasn't a freekick. The offside 'goal' was potentially a foul too because he climbed all over him to head it. Liverpool should definitely have had a bunch of extra cards for fouls too. Either way it didn't happen.

All I am hearing is excuses and not someone who should have read my comment and realised all I said was just the truth from an outside observer. Who has seen games these sides have played in and saw that Everton are indeed a better footballing side and the stats back that to the hilt in the derby as well.

Gerrard was talking rubbish as per. At least he admitted that today.

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Sahil4222d ago

"The second Liverpool goal came from a freekick that wasn't a freekick. The offside 'goal' was potentially a foul too because he climbed all over him to head it. "

says who? whose team needs refs help every single week

ProjectVulcan4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

So all I'm hearing is the classic whingeing. I'm not hearing any good arguments that dispute the facts I presented especially the stats.

Someone says everton is better and backs it up with obvious facts like league positions and goals scored and passes and such. As well as is known outside Liverpool fans common opinion.

As a Liverpool fan however I do expect you to put your hands over your ears and go LA LA LA LA LA LA King kenny and Stevie G are Gods so you are wrong LA LA LA LA.

This obviously isn't gonna change so meh. Please yourself.

Sahil4220d ago

Ok, one simple ques

Are Man City a better footballing side than Utd?

Sahil4219d ago

hahaha.. no answer as expected.