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World’s Richest Man keen on investing in Atletico Madrid


Mexican Billionaire, Carlos Slim is reportedly ready make a sizable investment into Spanish football, by possibly making a bid for league-leading cash-strapped, Atletico Madrid.

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karim3742d ago

This could be huge for La Liga, a new force?

oli3741d ago

Damn, I wish he would save Chivas from the mexican league, that team is going downhill with the current owner. It's a shame since that team is one of the biggest ones in Mexico.

Grap3742d ago

A cartel in football that's not good for the referees or the players.

crazyturkey3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

he'll probably wait to see if the FFP rules are enforeced, if they aren't which I still believe wont, then He'll decde. That is, if this has any truth to it.