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Sepp Blatter said English football was 'run by idiots', claims Seb Coe


Sepp Blatter thought English football being "run by idiots" was a key reason for England's failure to win the right to stage the 2018 World Cup finals, according to a new book by Sebastian Coe.

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jak3y13oy3751d ago

Blatter has ALWAYS hated English football.. we made the football which technically made your job...

Blackdeath_6633751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

the english need to remove this whole idea that "we are the inventors of football" or "we created football". while the english were crucial in the formation of modern football (football as we know it today) the whole concept of kicking a ball and scoring goals has been around for many many years and in many civilizations. the Greeks,Roman,Chinese,Japanese and even the indigenous of new Zealand and mexico had some form of ball game that that involved kicking a ball and scoring a goal. yes you did have the first football association and the first football league but you didn't create or invent football

ProjectVulcan3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

So what you are saying is that as the game is known today, the rules and the things that actually makes football football, was invented and organised and set by the English.

However as someone kicked a ball around before that English didn't invent football.

If it werent for the rules laid down by the FA then you would probably be carrying the ball about under your shirt, it would be 183 in a team and the playing area would encompass the 3 miles of fields behind the Mcdonalds up to the next town's Ikea.

You might get given a foul if someone used a shotgun to tackle the ball off that tricky winger and a pit full of spikes for the best offside trap this side of the classic Arsenal defence of 1989. This game might be called murderball. Or possibly derpa derp ball.

Which isn't football as we know and play it today. Therefore it was invented by the English.

Please don't talk such crap.

Baka-akaB3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

It's still irrelevant and barely an argument , only bragging at this point .

So football was an english invention technically ? Was is from the current leaders of the FA ? Obviously not . So irrelevant to the subject

buddymagoo3750d ago


Bwahahahaha! "derpa derp ball" I'm crying with laughter, thank you!

no_more_heroes3751d ago

Sepp Blatter says a lot of things...

Actually, let me rephrase that: Sepp Blatter talks a lot without ever actually saying anything.