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The Word Clattenburg Used To Mikel


While it has been widely reported over the last few days that referee was alleged to have called Juan Mata 'a Spanish t***, the media did not reveal what was apparently said to John Obi Mikel other than that it was a 'racist slur'.

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Ninjamonkey823750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Very irresponsible of The Sun a headline like that. Seriously if are if not he said what is alleged, Whats with this type of advertising of it.

I can't see the sense personally. We live in a racically enough charged society without newspapers adding more fuel to the fire. Its up to people to improve there views to other people its improving but theres still idiots out there.

Some people just can't see beyond skin colour and thats a sad thing. But then again some people like to have alot of adtention and thats a worrying thing aswell esp when they are paid more in a week than most would make in 5 years.

They Influence what kids think on the street and how they act out towards others. I don't maybe the manegers need to dock some the wages of some there players for being idiots?.

Me personally ive never had issues with anyone people have to live and get on tbh. Lifes alot easier without hassle.