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Metropolitan Police and Chelsea investigating alleged racist gesture during Manchester United clash

The issue of racism appears to have reared its head once again after a reported incident during the Blues' thrilling Capital One Cup clash at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday

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buddymagoo3490d ago

Shocking and disgraceful!

goku323593490d ago

Agreed. I refuse to call anybody that does such a disgusting thing a "fan". Racism has to be eliminated, not just from the game, but from everywhere.

badz1493489d ago

instead of talking about the game, media is focusing on racism which is sad! these pricks need to be sent to those place where the ones they are pointing their racism live and he how he likes it!

Corepred43490d ago

Guy looks like he's flexing to me, lol.

dcortz20273490d ago

He's probably just itchy guys..

pompombrum3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

No, he was just repeating what he thought he heard Welbeck accuse him.

pompombrum3490d ago

Chelsea: fighting racism since Sunday!

silvacrest3489d ago

this instance is chelsea related but can we please not act like other clubs dont have to deal with similar situations

pompombrum3489d ago

It was obviously a jibe against their lenient stance towards Terry on the whole racism ordeal. Can't think of any other English teams being in the same situation as Chelsea really regarding racism claims.

silvacrest3489d ago

liverpool and suarez come to mind instantly

Gincredible3490d ago

Racist people only act like that when they have have an army of supporting racists besides them. They are cowards and mostly uneducated. They betray each other by dissociation when one of them get caught. They are vermin.

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The story is too old to be commented.