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Forget celebrating goalfests - we should be mourning the death of defending

Neutrals may well have been licking their lips at the flood of goals in England over the past week, but has the defensive art ever been more neglected?

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KingPin3739d ago

soccer is getting less and less of a contact sport from what i been watching the past 2 decades or so.

what was once a superb tackle in the 80s/early 90s is now 98% of the time a yellow card and free kick. now days if you just catch a forwards shoe laces they go rolling 15feet. any sort of contact and they fall over like they got shot. at this rate, in another 3 years, defenders are gonna need jedi powers to take the ball off an opponent without touching him by using the force. its pathetic really.

not to mention, the forwards nowadays make it impossible for a defender not to get booked. instead of getting up like a man, they roll over and cry like a bunch of pussies. in the 80s/90s going down under a small tackle was seen as a weakness.