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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal (English Premier League - 03/11/12)

1-0 R. van Persie 3'

2-0 Evra 67'

2-1 Cazorla 90' +5

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crazyturkey3869d ago

horrible performance by Arsenal. I thought Arsenal were going to at least press for the ball. Koscielny should have played at left back with Santos as a left midfielder (for Cover) in a 451 Formation with either Poldoslky or Giroud as the target man. But even then, no pressing meant United had the ball all game.

asmith23063869d ago

Agreed, they look completely out of ideas up front. Them seven goals at Reading were a glitch in the Matrix. Wenger needs to switch formation, 4-5-1 isn't working.

ProjectVulcan3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Looks like the rest for United midweek did them some good. They eased to the win without having to try too hard against a poor Arsenal.

Not only that Chelsea's choice to field such a strong side for so long in the midweek game meant they let Swansea back into the match in the last 10 minutes.

A good week for United.

KonohagakureFC3869d ago

United completely deserved to win that, Arsenal were so poor today damn. Santos continues to suck more and more...

Seriously though what complete b.s that Cleverly escapes red while Wilshire doesn't. Jack definitely deserved it but Cleverly should have gotten a second yellow too before he was subbed.

buddymagoo3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Cleverley made two fouls before being taken off by Sir Alex. Wilshere made 3 fouls before the red. The second time Wilshere fouled a player Wenger should have took him off like Sir Alex did with Cleverley. Just better management.

One thing was for sure this was not a classic United - Arsenal clash. It was a very tame affair.

Edit: @below It wasn't a malicious tackle and he didn't deserve the first yellow so I think the ref had that in mind. To blame refs decisions in this game is to be living in denial. Arsenal deserved nothing from that performance today. Their first shot on target was in the 93rd minute!

KonohagakureFC3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Fair enough for Wilshire Wenger should have taken him off before the inevitable but no that second challenge by Cleverley was bad enough to be a second yellow he should have been off.

Edit: And no i'm not denying Arsenal were thoroughly beaten today. Even if Cleverley did get sent off like I feel he should have, Arsenal would have probably still lost.

asmith23063869d ago

The ref should have been consistent though, Cleverlys second was a tackle from behind ie. a yellow card. In all honesty though the ref had a piss poor game, he was dishing out yellows all over the place. Andersons booking was a joke.

Anyways, Arsenal fans deserve more than this. They were singing the whole match above all the Utd fans in Old Trafford. Santos is a joke, and when is Wenger going to realise that Giroud up front on his own doesn't work? They barely had a shot on target and look out of ideas.

imtiyaz63868d ago

Wilshere wasn't substituted probably because we didn't have a worthy replacement on the bench. Anyways, United won because they dominated us in the small details of the game like winning all the headers, winning all the 50-50 challenges for the ball etc. We kept conceding possession in the most silliest manner. Podolski, Santos, Ramsey and Giroud kept losing the ball. I've seen them hold the ball better in far worse positions, what happened? Our performance at Old Trafford has been like this for 3 seasons now.

Kos-Mos3869d ago

I just feel sorry for Wenger.

KingPin3869d ago

great performance from united. poor arsenal. great refereeing.

only one downside, united still cant keep a bloody clean sheet. wtf!! its really starting to piss me off. yes they scored with the last kick of the game but why couldn't united keep that shit under control. just frustrating.

chukamachine3869d ago

Very strange game.

Had no passion.

I'm an arsenal fan through and through, but they have slowed the attack to much, to many passbacks when there is space to move forward. Not enough players running into space. Which is complete contrast to utd.

Utd players want the ball, attack with speed and other players quickly join the attack from all angles. That is sorely missing at arsenal.

On a personal note, i hope this is wengers last year in charge. Some things, other then players need to change.