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Daniella Semaan pregnant: Cesc Fabregas to become dad of baby girl

Neither Cesc Fabregas himself nor his girlfriend Daniella Semaan has decided to expose the pregnancy news on Twitter yet.

However, World Football Extra believes that as days go by, news and updates will flow massively.

In the meantime, Fabregas joins Villa, Valdes, Pinto, Pedro, Messi and Pique in the list of FC Barcelona footballers to turn into dads in the 2012/2013 season.

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krazykombatant3861d ago

hahaha stole some dudes bitch and got her pregnant how nice.

PaPa-Slam3861d ago

There's only 1 person to blame, the Girl.

Ike203861d ago

You know that's not nice... :P

Ike203860d ago

Hey PaPa-Slam, why would the girl be the only one to blame?

PaPa-Slam3860d ago

Because, Cesc was just going out with a Girl, while that was hooking up with Cesc while she was in a relationship.

Ike203860d ago

Yeah but well... Fabregas definitely knew she was in a relationship. To me, he's as guilty. Not to mention, he was taking her along with him on his holidays, etc... behind Elie Taktouk's back.

Come on, both knew what they were doing. I think both are to blame, although a different decision from Daniella would have prevented Fabregas from becoming Elie's rival :)

Corepred43860d ago

Ike20 is a girl? I thought this website was nothing but dudes. How many girls does 11x2 have? Sincere question.