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Manchester City Transfer Prospects: 5 Players Fans Desperately Desire in January

BR: Manchester City fans know their club can acquire just about any player in the world, and there are certainly players on their wish list.

Though there is a great amount of talent in the current Manchester City squad, no team is perfect, and fans always have an idea of who they would like to replace if everything worked out well.

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Thefreeman0123734d ago

how many more players do they need to go buy to win titles? they have spent a ridiculous amount of money investing in big name players that cant gel together.

Gamer19823734d ago

Only spent small in the summer window and mostly sold actually. I don't think City are going to buy a ton of players as they don't need to anymore and to get into the top 4 in england you need to spend once you in there you don't. Now City are in they want to get rid of all the players that are there for only money and replace them with players who want to win like Aguero, Yaya (I know hes on a load of money but he isn't there for it) and Silva.

Its hard though to get rid of them players as City found out with Adebayor and Santa Cruz etc..

We do need a RB and a backup LB though as Micah always injured, Maicon too old and Zabaleta just not top level. Kolorov on the other side is just crap at every position but has an amazing free kick.

Gamer19823734d ago

Except Ramos there all City current or ex Targets..