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'I'm so happy he's back' - Di Matteo hails Terry's return from ban

The Blues manager is delighted to have the former England defender back in the first-team fold and urges all parties to move on from the racism saga surrounding his skipper

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karim3735d ago

Looking at our defence recently, Robbie must be over the moon

goku323593735d ago

Up until the Leauge game against Manchester United we had the least amount of conceded goals in the entire league. 3 games and 9 conceded goals later, I can see Roberto is ecstatic to have terry back.

karim3734d ago

Stats can be very deceiving. Our defence has been edgy and very shaky all season long, I just hope Terry will bring back some stability too..

Kos-Mos3734d ago

How long will he last on the pitch this time, I wonder?

karim3733d ago

More than Vidic I guess..

Kos-Mos3733d ago

Uhm, why do you bring up Vidic when we talk about terry? Is that your best argument? "Throwing garbage at you." like chelski did when they lost against United. How does it feel to be thrown garbage at and complaining about referees for racism? Can`t you see that chelski fc looses on all aspects and you dare to argument about other players injuries? You make me laugh little man.

karim3733d ago

"Last on the pitch" How can't I bring up Vidic? You're just an immature petty troll. "Chelski" this "Chelski" that..We lost unjustly, fact. We dare complain about racism because one of our black players complained.

pompombrum3734d ago

Damn fans are going to have to get a new chat.. you can hardly chant "where's your racist centre half" when he's on the field.

PaPa-Slam3733d ago

Now i hope he'll focus on the game more and not on the Skin Color or the religion of other people.