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Xavi files a complaint to UEFA about anti-football ruining the Champions League


Barcelona eked out a 2-1 win against Celtic at the Camp Nou in their first Champions League meeting despite maintaining 82 percent of possession. Just before the second meeting, Xavi proclaimed, "People rightly consider that Celtic use an anti-football system, but Chelsea have done the same and they are now champions of Europe." Celtic then beat Barcelona 2-1 even though Barca improved to 84 percent of possession. The shock and horror of that result is not sitting well with Xavi.

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karim3485d ago

"But now the putrid disease known on the streets as "defending". You just have to love Dirty Tackle

badz1493483d ago

now defending from goal onslaught is anti-football?? Barca is such a whiny b***h!

what's the point of attacking if you know statistically you can't win? who in their serious mind would think that teams the likes of Celtic could beat Barca heads-on playing offensively? no one! Celtic defended great and take the few chances they had and won! of course the loosing side and their fans will whine and come out with "anti-football" statement but I don't see any Celtic fans complaining! their team won and they are sure as hell enjoying and celebrating the game as it is!

ProjectVulcan3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Facepalm at all the people who are taking this article seriously

The_Klank3482d ago

Haha my thoughts exactly.

karim3482d ago

It's really obvious this is a satirical article..I guess people didn't even bother checking the whole article

crazyturkey3484d ago

If the tackles, marking and the like are fair, done well and without the intention to hurt the players it should be fine. No matter how frustrating it maybe be too the other team, that is called defending and if they scored on your team, that means your team is not doing it that well.

Gamer19823483d ago

So let me get this right hes complaining to UEFA over a choice of tactic? As that's what it is its a tactic it's not the other teams fault teams like Barca can only play in 1 system it's there own fault and he should stop being a cry baby and grow up.

Corepred43483d ago

Xavi has always been an annoying crybaby. Always the one talking to the papers or whoever. I can't believe he's crying about this. Celtic won fairly and he can't take it, even though most likely they'll come back and beat Celtic. I think Xavi is just mad that teams like chelsea and celtic are exploiting them. No one has filed a complaint on Barca passing the ball like 400 times between each of their defenders have they?

yezz3483d ago

I just think that the reason Xavi is saying this is because Barca has a philosophy of controlling and entertaining football and he doesn't want football to get super defensive..

I understand that smaller teams like Celtic use the "parking the bus" tactic but big teams like Chelsea and Inter few years ago who had huge stars are just standing infront of their goal is not good for this sport..

Blackdeath_6633483d ago

there is nothing wrong with a whole team sitting in defence as they will not be able to score against you however celtic have scored 2 goals you can't complain about your own team's shortcoming. the aim of football is to score more goals than your opponent and celtic have done just that. anit-football is a term created but butthurt barca fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.