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Lionel Messi Is Wrong: Celtic Were Not Lucky Against Barcelona

Bleacher Report: Lionel Messi has branded Celtic's win over Barcelona on Wednesday night, "lucky."

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PaPa-Slam3479d ago

Celtic played great a won the match, this is just low of Messi, saying that it was nothing more than a lucky win.

Nes_Daze3479d ago

Don't know why Messi is so frustrated and whiny about a simple loss, this happens to the best teams out there, any team can surprise you, park the bus, and snatch a victory. It happens, time to move on and focus on that weak defending, which is what needs work on when they face bigger teams outside of the group stage.

Also, Wanyama looks like he has amazing potential.

sickshot693478d ago

lets see how celtic will play vs the rest of the group after gaining a massive confidence boost