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Highlights: Arsenal 3-3 Fulham (English Premier League - 10/11/12)

1-0 O. Giroud 11'
2-0 L. Podolski 23'
2-1 D. Berbatov 29'
2-2 A. Kacaniklic 40'
2-3 D. Berbatov 67'
3-3 O. Giroud 69'

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no_more_heroes3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

this looks like it will be the season we finally finish outside the top four...

well, maybe now we should promote more of the young players to give them some first team experience since the league and top four are lost causes now.

crazyturkey3729d ago

What worries me is that Everton and West Brom are still fighting for that 4th spot 10 games into the season.
Top Four still not out of reach, however now it looks like it depends on teams like Spurs to keep losing points like Arsenal to stay in it.

ProjectVulcan3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I think it'll be tight. Arsenal need a fast upturn soon, and the season could get even worse if Walcott decides to walk.

I had Arsenal down for 5th place before the start of the season way back when (before Redknapp left Spurs) although they do still have enough to finish 4th because AvB hasn't quite got it right yet either.

Wenger just seems to get into more and more denial about his squad and transfers. I haven't seen Arsenal's squad so devoid of genuine world class talent since the mid 90s.

All you need to do is look at the list of Arsenal players and ask yourself how many would get into Chelsea, United or City's lineups. The answer would be very few indeed in each case.

Gamer19823728d ago

Aresnal falling out the top 4 could be disastrous. Look what happened to Liverpool when they fell outside the top 4? It's near impossible to get top quality to come outside the top 4 unless you pay big wages and we all know Arsenals policy on that.. So I would be seriously worried if they did as an Arsenal fan.

crazyturkey3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Well this was a good game for Giroud and Podolski and up to the Fulham Penalty good for Arteta too. The Arsenal penalty wasn't right, so even though the points would have been good I would still think of that as an undeserved victory. When Arsenal's third goal went in I finnally got to see something similar to the Arsenal of a couple of seasons ago. We need Diaby back or maybe Wenger in january should get another player or two......Ruiz seems to be good a braking opposition attacks and starting the attack. Maybe he should be bought.

PaPa-Slam3729d ago

Despite the 3 goal from Arsenal,This is extremely sad.

Nes_Daze3729d ago

Sad to see them lose the lead and draw. :/

PaPa-Slam3729d ago

Exactly. I thought they'd take home the win for sure.

KonohagakureFC3729d ago

Sweet Jesus does Mannone suck or what! Can't wait for Szczesny to start playing again.