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Stam: Sir Alex Ferguson asked me to leave Manchester United at a petrol station

Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson rushed to meet him at a petrol station to confirm the Dutchman's sale to Lazio after a spat over his autobiography.

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hkgamer3476d ago

its cruel in a way, but stam did say some bullshit in his book.

iamnsuperman3476d ago

Still Ferguson could have done the decent think and done it in an office like a professional.

buddymagoo3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Made the right decision, he failed a drug test 6 months later so it was perfect timing.

It's not like he poked him in the eye, lol.

p_bateman3476d ago

Ferguson made a mistake letting Stam go he's probably the best defender united ever signed much better than Rio.

I think he slated the Neville brothers for being thick as sh*t a bit harsh to let him go for that he was only telling the truth.

pompombrum3476d ago

Neville brothers thick as sh*t? Gary Neville is the best pundit I've ever seen. Even my Liverpool supporting friend agrees and that's saying something.

p_bateman3476d ago

Nah Andy Gray over Neville anytime he doesn't have a live orgasm over a goal being scored lol.