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Highlights: Manchester City 2-1 Tottenham (English Premier League) - 11.11.12

21' - Caulker S.
65' - Aguero S.
88' - Dzeko E.

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Gamer19823859d ago

Dzeko the king of supersubs does it again. The irony of it all is he wants to start but only scores at the moment from the bench so hes not helping his own case.

We outplayed spurs today but yet again got outdone at a set piece. Our Achilles heel this season and I'm surprised Macnini hasn't fixed it yet as more than half those 10 goals against us this season have come from set pieces.

Still we are unbeaten have the best defensive record in the prem (10 goals against) and only 2 points from the top. Not bad for a team everybody thinks is doing crap eh?

buddymagoo3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Only 2 teams have ever retained the premier league title (Man Utd and Mourinho's Chelsea) even Arsenals invincible couldn't retain their title and 2 others (Blackburn, Leeds) couldn't and ended up eventually getting relegated after spending huge sums of money.

With the African cup of nations rolling round and them losing Toure I can only see them struggling to stay close to United. For all the money they have spent over the past 4 years you would expect better. Especially when United are supposed to have such a poor defence and we have players missing and are still top.

If our defence tightens up then you could only expect us to get better. After all we have a stronger squad this season and new players are in their second season like De Gea and we only lost our title on goal difference last year.

Gamer19823858d ago

I think you like other united fans are getting deluded with the team you have. I keep hearing utd are playing poor and still winning wait until we get better blah blah. The thing is you dont and you know why? Because What you see IS what you get with united they are an average squad with a couple of star players who win titles nowadays thanks to Alex Ferguson. As for your defence you have 2 ageing defenders in Rio and Evra and Vidic hasnt looked the same since his injury all my non biased utd friends agree with me you need at least 1 new defender and the only have 1 good looking young defender. Rafeal and Smalling just ain't top team materiel.

You also say you should expect better from City? Based on your guess that we won't retain the title.. Thats just plain silly.. Also we are undefeated still in the league and only have 10 goals against us only Stoke match that so far. So joint best defense in the league there isn't much better really considering who we played at the start. You cannot be expected to win every single game only deluded red fans like you think there team can win every match.

Nes_Daze3859d ago

Good for city to get the result, but they still don't look convincing to me.

PaPa-Slam3859d ago

Great comeback by City after going 1 down.

p_bateman3859d ago

buddymagoo don't act like united haven't spent millions on players.

Its to earlier to decide where the titles going yet but I fancy Chelsea.

Remember what happened last season eight points clear and you fu@ked it up.

buddymagoo3859d ago

"Remember what happened last season eight points clear and you fu@ked it up"

I'm glad you pointed that out, it was only because we F**ked it up that City won. That won't happen again.

Yeah and we have spent millions over a period of time of which we have earn't. Keep the millions and replace the name and that could be any team Southampton, Fulham, Everton, Tottenham, Arsenal. City are a soulless team funded by a sugar daddy, well done!

Gamer19823858d ago

Its easy to earn the money when your already on the top. Its an unfair monopoly united have had for many years like Barca and Real (althouh differnt circumstances) So dont try get all high and mighty as City will start breaking even over the next few years. Utd didnt always break even they only started making a ton of money over the last few years thanks to being the top dogs in the premier league and funding from the loans taken out by the American owners. Something you utd fans seem to forget.

buddymagoo3858d ago

Gamer totally deluded once again.

We earned our money through the 80's and 90's getting to cup finals and then spent wisely and that helped investment in United as a public company. A public company that the PUBLIC wanted to invest in.

Remember Giggs, Scholes, G. Neville, P. Neville, Butt cost nothing and Keane, Solskjaer, Irwin, Bruce, Pallister and Schmeichel, cost next to nothing. Then we won the Treble and earned more funds and started to spend even more.

You are probably new to football since all you seem to remember is the glazers and you probably only started supporting City since the Oil daddy came along so I forgive you for not knowing what actually went on.

But yes, we earned our money!