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Messi breaks Pele's record for goals in a calendar year

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has broken former Brazil international Pele's scoring record of 75 goals during one calendar year.

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Gamer19823738d ago

In Spain where the other teams in the same league have to keep selling there best players abroad to stay afloat each year. I would like to see him score even close to that amount in the premier league or a similar league with quality opposition each and every week. I bet he couldn't.

Nes_Daze3738d ago

Maybe wouldn't score the same amount of goals, but he'd still be the best over there too, and did Pele have tough opposition back then? Especially with how defense was played?

KingPin3737d ago

you really wanna compare defenses of yesteryear to current defenses and say pele had it easy.

you got jokes kiddo

what was considered a great tackle back then is a yellow card/straight red by todays standards.
so dont try to make it look like pele was great coz defenses back then weren't.

messi is a spectacular player, theres no denying that; so are ronaldo, pele and maradona. only an immature fanboy would think otherwise.

RGB3737d ago

Silly argument... remember 1966 World Cup? People couldn't play Pele, so instead they broke him, literally. If people didn't destroyed him in that World Cup, Brazil would be 6 time world champions and him 4 times. Messi has way too much protection, when in Pele's day, he had none.

Like KingPin said, I'd go further - Red card tackles today wouldn't even get yellows back then, they'd be warnings max. Only violent conduct got cards, they were usually yellows only. Reds back then were extremely rare.

Messi can't be considered better than Pele, he has to win 2 World championships at least. He ain't going to achieve that though.

Messi maybe the best club player ever - playing with most of the Spain team which could be argued the best national side ever.

Pele is still the best overall footballer ever.

Nes_Daze3737d ago

@Kingpin, and RGB, no matter the damn cards, defenses were more open, not weaker as in strength. For the record, I don't think Messi is yet better than Pele, I still think Messi needs to show something on an international level before he is better. However, as one of you said, I believe Messi is the best club player ever, best all around, no not yet.

asmith23063737d ago

If Van Persie could score 30 league goals for Arsenal in a season then I have no doubt Messi could do even better.

RGB3737d ago


Goals so far;
La Liga: 323
EPL 307

Teams with 2 wins at least;
La Liga: all 20.
EPL: 15.

Teams with less than 2 wins;
La Liga: None.
EPL: 4.

Teams with double digits;
La Liga: 18.
EPL: 15.

Teams with less than 5 points thus far;
La Liga: None.
EPL: 2.

Points between 4th and 18th (Relegation);
La Liga: 9.
EPL: 14.

So that's more goals, every team registering 2 wins at least, more teams with double digits, no teams below 5 points and closer difference between Champions League football and relegation. Premier League is looking pretty shitty to me.

Enjoy none European Football this year Gamer!

Gamer19823737d ago

Oh dear when you got real madrid and barca beating every team 6-0 each week its not surprising there more goals scored in la-liga. As for Europe lets be fair the Premier league is so competitive right now as with every year the top 4 struggle to play in Europe because of it unlike Spain. Look at the difference in squads played in Europe all four teams play different players and even buy players especially for Europe.
Also money has to do with Spanish teams performing better in Europe they will put all there eggs in the european basket as they make next to no money from the league so they are the opposite of english clubs they will actually play a weaker team in the league and a stronger team in Europe. Whereas English teams play stronger teams in the league and weaker in Europe. Why you think United the 2 time champions of europe didnt even make it out of an easy group last year? As the league forced them to play a weaker side.
So use common sense as facts dont always tell the real story.

Sahil3737d ago

another record with messi on it

ACBAA3737d ago

pele now hates him even more

FootballZilla3737d ago

hahaha i was going to say that

BlmThug3737d ago

Messi is amazing but he has a lot to prove on the international stage before he can be called an all time great

Gamer19823737d ago

International Stage proves my earlier point of him only performing well in Spain. He starting to perform better for Argentina but only against mostly small teams. The next world cup should show the world if he really is the worlds best player or if I am right and he is a a one league wonder.

asmith23063737d ago

Absolute rubbish. Where a player is born and the national team you play for shouldn't dictate whether a player is considered an all time great or not. Plenty of rubbish players have major medals as well, including World Cup medals. It means very little in terms of this argument.

Angerfist3737d ago

He is not playing for Venezuela though, he is playing for Argentina, one of the Footballs biggest Nations ever. He is just that good because of the Team around him.

asmith23063736d ago

Have you seen Argentina in recent years? They are nothing compared to Argentinian teams of old. He is an unbelievable player and certainly the best I have ever seen in my lifetime and probably ever will in my lifetime. And he is only 25. I'm not a Barca supporter, in fact I can't stand them but you can't deny how good Messi is. We can just add you to the list of people in denial about it.

p_bateman3737d ago

Messi is still only 25 there's plenty of time for him and Argentina to challenge Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazi for the world cup.

Gamer1982 Messi plays in the strongest lge in the world I hardly call him a one lge wonder.

Plenty of rubbish average players make it in the premier lge and score lots of goals.

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