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Highlights: Juventus 3-0 Chelsea (UEFA Champions League Group E - 20/11/12)

1-0 F. Quagliarella 38'
2-0 A. Vidal 61'
3-0 S. Giovinco 90' +1'


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Nes_Daze3465d ago

Oh my....what happened to Chelsea, couldn't watch any of the games :(.

crazyturkey3465d ago

Outplayed and easily defeated by a great performance by Juventus. Chelsea need a parachute to stop their free fall at the moment......the January window is a probably what they need IMO.

goku323593465d ago

Juventus were all-around the better team. They were More clinical, created better chances, and just looked like they actually wanted the win.

goku323593465d ago

As much as I, a die-hard Chelsea, don't think we deserve it, there is still a good chance we make it to the next round. As long as we win the next game at home, and Juventus lose against Shakhtar, we're in.

ProjectVulcan3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Pretty sure Juventus are not going to get beaten by Shakhtar. They are unbeaten.

XboxInnovation3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

They won't let Shakhtar concede a goal, it will be a goalless draw. Juve will pile up defensively, heck even though they play 3-5-2 they pretty much put two defenders in the midfield at any time (Lichsteiner, Isla, Caceras etc.) so it goes from 3-5-3 on the attack to a 5-3-2 when on defense. This is why Juve is so tough. It's one extreme to the other.

It was actually really odd to see Juve let some clean counter attacks get by cause they never do, but at the same time they were really trying to attack, they won't be that way in two weeks.

Nes_Daze3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I see, well that group table is looking pretty interesting now... didn't really expect Chelsea to be in that position honestly.

jak3y13oy3465d ago

Well it looks like chelsea will be the only team to get knocked out at the group stages whilst be the holders! :D

silvacrest3465d ago

no english team looks like they could challenge for the titile anyway

united are leaking goals just as badly as chelsea, city need a miracle to progress

there is nothing to smile about

goku323593465d ago

He's just happy all the focus on city's disastrous European campaign is now on least until tomorrow.

Gamer19823464d ago

I wouldn't call it disastrous. Being in the group of champions was always going to be a tough call. Chelsea had a mush easier group and should have done better.

silvacrest3465d ago

i kinda expected this, that january transfer window cant come soon enough....

our defence has looked rotten for so long now and torres...i expect him to be gone or a sub more often next year

the mid field is world class but defense and forwards is sub par

my only solace is that even now, were still in a better position then city....somehow

Gamer19823464d ago

Still in a better position how? Like City you have to rely on other results to go through in the CL and City are above you in the league. Chelses problem is a non existent partnership at the back and no strikers. As your lovely owner still wants the Torres project to work and refuses to replace him.

silvacrest3464d ago

i thought it was pretty simple

chelsea only need to beat FC Nordsjælland who appear to be the whipping boys of our group, thats one game against a below average team although we still need juve's game to go our way

city need to beat real which will be hard enough but you also need to beat whoever you play after that, all while still needing other matches to go in your favor

city simply have more work to do against harder opponents

bringing the league into this is just stupid boasting, your only 4 points ahead, there are months left to go, the transfer window will be a busy time for chelsea

im pretty sure torres will be gone by next year

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