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Chelsea sack Di Matteo after Juventus defeat

The 42-year-old Italian manager has parted ways with the Champions League winners after a 3-0 defeat in Turin which left their chances of retaining the trophy in tatters

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Gamer19823721d ago

Silly.. Just silly. He won them there first CL title ever and then started to go about changing the team. Hes had a couple of bad weeks and he gets sacked? The mad thing is if he didn't have Torres on that team results might have gone differently. Its the damn owners fault managers keep failing.

I really hope no self respecting manager takes up the job at Chelsea as it really is a hot seat where you go for a quick cash out and not a serious management position.

ProjectVulcan3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I could barely believe he had been sacked LOL It wasn't long ago Di Matteo was hugging Abramovich and jumping up and down with the European cup. 6 months, thats all it was.

Now he has got the boot what, 5 months into a 2 year contract?

Abramovich has spent as much in manager contract termination as he has on players. Facepalm.

Expect Benitez to be in the job.

oli3720d ago

I wasn't expecting him to stay at Chelsea for 2 years anyways, but that was too quick.

badz1493720d ago

a couple of bad matches and now he's gone?? now Abramovich is just seeking for attention and he's going to be the demise of Chelsea!

I'm not even a Chelsea's fan but even I can see that RDM has changed Chelsea for the better and in a short time too nonetheless! it's normal for a great team to lose a couple of games and Chelsea haven't even lost anything yet - not the EPL, not UCL, not FA Cup...NOTHING! ...but somehow he's now sacked! I hope nobody credible will take his place while Chelsea is still Abramovich's! Rafa Benitez? yeah...GOOD LUCK with THAT! we've seen what he has done to Liverpool and Inter and seems like Chelsea is next!

ProjectVulcan3720d ago

Got to wonder what Eden Hazard and Oscar think of this.

The only reason they went to Chelsea was champions league football made possible only by Di Matteo winning it last season.

Hazard himself only chose Chelsea ahead of Manchester United because Chelsea were European Champions.


b163o13720d ago

Yeah, but it was a 3 horse race. Chelsea, City, and United. Just sayin

silvacrest3720d ago

what you said makes no sense, like b163o1 mentioned, there were 2 other teams bidding

i doubt hazard only came because we were the european champs, its not like thats a guarantee for success

you could flip what you said over and say world class players like toure, tevez etc are wasting their time because city keep getting knocked out in the first round

ProjectVulcan3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

What are you both talking about??

Man City pulled out the deal. The final choice was a straight up one between United and Chelsea. This was widely reported.

According to what we heard from his agents he was going to join Manchester United even though they had offered him less wage than Chelsea, until Chelsea won the Champions League and thus also secured qualification for this season.

Hazard was quoted as saying that is what turned his head, being European Champs (on his personal twitter account no less saying he was moving to the european champions). That was not just THE only reason, I am sure the extra wage Chelsea were offering helped him. The former was the tipping factor however.

So what you said is wrong/mistaken/misremembered.

Can't see him being too happy now after you're virtually eliminated, the guy he signed for sacked and the main reason he signed for you having evaporated already. DOH! lol

silvacrest3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

his agent can say whatever he likes, does not make it true

and its not like agents dont lie to build hype, oh wait.....

what you said was mostly speculation not even from the horses mouth, only partially

i wouldn't go on about him not being to happy about his decision, city are already out and united dont look capable of winning it this year

the truth is he would be no better off with the other teams anyway

ProjectVulcan3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I'll quote from Hazard's words seeing as though you tried to dismiss my entire reply based on only a small part of it.

"I was in advanced contact with both clubs and I spoke to both coaches. I want to be playing in the Champions League every year. Initially, Chelsea were sixth and not qualified for the Champions League. But when they won the Champions League I said to myself, “Why not Chelsea?”

Fact is City pulled out, so you were wrong. Both clubs. That for you by the way, means 2.

The next fact is that they were clearly only considered by him AFTER they won the champions league and that it was most important he played in it. He himself says that.

End of discussion really. You were wrong.


Ha @ below.

I simply didn't assume, the quote is there for all to see. You added nothing to your argument but confirm that you were indeed WRONG on BOTH counts.

City pulled out, fact, you were wrong.

Hazard specifically stated that he wanted champions league football, Chelsea were 6th, and when they won it he considered them.

Therefore you added ZERO to this discussion worth adding, and proved absolutely nothing.

silvacrest3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

your quote from hazard only suggest that, now that chelsea have qualified to play in the champions league he will consider them, he did not specifically say he will join because they won it

your just assuming the rest and expect me to believe it as fact when you are still speculating

great, city pulled out but they WERE in the running so its worth mentioning just for the sake of this argument

i wont even say your wrong because the end of your comment again, is speculation

there is nothing "next" since your out of bubbles


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buddymagoo3721d ago

A disgrace! A man who clearly had Chelsea in his heart and I'm sure all Chelsea fans would agree that this came way too soon.

I can't see who would want that job knowing after a few bad results you get the chop.

ProjectVulcan3720d ago

I'll take it because the Chelsea job means you can hit on their physio in the dug out. Plus it is a guarantee of a huge payoff when you inevitably get sacked :D

goku323593720d ago

I am honestly speechless...did not see this coming, at least not this soon...

You have a great team with a great mentality because you've been with the same manager for the last 20 some years. We'll never reach that type of success if all our managers get sacked less than a year into their job.

Ninjamonkey823720d ago

Abramovich is not good for Football enough sed tbh.

jak3y13oy3720d ago

You just cant please this guy!

You win the Champions League and FA cup and are 3rd in the Prem being 1st for most of it and not doing too well against good teams in the group stages and you get sacked!

I believe its 9 new managers since he came in which was 9 years ago..

Its ridiculous! Did SAF or Mancini get sacked when they got knocked out in the groups last year?

holland19453720d ago

really such a joke. Di Matteo was the physical manifestation of the failure's of Abramovich's approach. Mourinho, Ancelotti, AVB; all of the high earning, high profile managers who Roman hired failed to accomplish what RDM pulled off in half of a season as Chelsea boss. Chelsea's loss to Juventus was definitely brutal, the score makes it tough to win a potential tie-breaker with Shakhtar but the EPL and of course the FA Cup are well within reach. I don't understand how you can keep your job as Chelsea's manager. No English team is going to win a treble with the parody of their league and cup. Winning either the Champions League of Premier League should be enough to ward off Roman's scorn. I don't know what's next. Signing Benitez would be a smart move if you want to stay committed to Torres as the two have a great relationship from their Liverpool days. Is staying with Torres opposed to signing Radamel Falcao or another high impact striker the answer though? The attack may not be the team's problem though. The centre defense of Luiz and Cahill hasn't proven to do much. If I'm Roman, I sign an impact CB before I move on from Torres.

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