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Guardiola would reject Chelsea approach

The former Barcelona boss is against breaking away from his sabbatical in New York and does not believe Stamford Bridge is the right move under trigger-happy owner Roman Abramovich.

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Golden_Dive3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Thank You, Reject every single offer we send you... your too good to manage a football club such as Chelsea. Managers come to Chelsea & get destroyed by the russian game minds with laughing stock board we have. We end up in the same place every season' for god sake Roman open your F******* EYES. Were the laughing stock of Europe, I hope RDM the best of luck'
SAF didnt get sacked last season after losing the group stage & EPL
Mancini hasnt been sacked yet even though he hasnt done so good in europe
Ancelotti wasnt sacked last season for losing the tittle to montepellier *
Jupp Heynckes Didnt even get sack after being runner ups in most competitions

Guardiola is no different any other top managers we had, he won more with a club he was treated as an emperor but at Chelsea football club you will be the chief behind the board and the F******* russian emperor

BritishUK3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

This is a joke. i think the board and Abra and just fucking around with the club. The fuck is going on here. Im so fucking pissed off at the club its not even funny. How the hell is Torres still apart of that team but RDM is not anymore.. WTF? haha pathetic isn't it!?

One day, Roman will wake up with the idea of selling the club, on this day it's gonna be very dangerous...
Anyways Its Roman Empire. Abramovich as the Emperor, Chelsea board as the senators and the manager as the war chief organizer.

Golden_Dive3721d ago

This is embarrassing and a joke. How the hell can we sack a manager who hasn't even performed badly. Yes it has to be acknowledged that in the last 3 to 4 weeks, we've struggled but every single side always goes through a dip in form. I think Roman always saw RDM as a short term prospect and not a long term one, but he couldn't sack him because of his successes in the UCL and FA Cup last season. The only person I want at the club is Jose Mourinho. He has unfinished business at Chelsea.

Anyway, I almost feel ashamed to barrack for this wonderful club. While Roman has invested heavily into the club, and therefore it's resulted in further successes, but I'd rather have a club where loyalty and pride exists and we win in a tough and uncompromising manner instead of the way things are with manufactured crap that exists within our club. Before 2003, half of our fans worldwide would not have followed Chelsea or even known who they were. We have bandwagoners who jumped on the train with Roman. I have respect to those who were around during the Ken Bates' days when success wasn't always guarenteened, but loyalty and competitiveness was. I've tried to embrace the Roman culture and I still follow the club and it's players every single day, but sometimes I can't stand this bullshit with sacking managers and having bandwagon supporters taking over the club.

RDM will always have place in my love for Chelsea and football.

Fk the Russian and the board for having zero patient. FK people here that said they saw this coming. Rome and the Great Wall of China does not build in one day.

krazykombatant3720d ago

I doubt Mou will return to the blues, I would say he wanted the ManU spot, but he seems to still want SAF on the post when he makes his return to the premiership. ManCity perhaps? If wegner got the boot at arsenal I wouldn't mind seeing mou there.

BritishUK3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Getting Mourinho would be like getting Messi and Ronaldo. Getting Guardiola would be like getting another Torres.

I Dont mean it in a bad way but Roman will pay whatever just to bring Pep in for maybe 1 season because it wont be no surprise if he gets sacked or not.

inf3cted13720d ago

He would get sacked anyway

XboxInnovation3720d ago

He got sacked with Lampard and Terry out on Injury or suspensions forever. No striker, or one that could score. Yet still just a few points out of the top spot in both competitions. I don't get it. Just sell Torres already for whatever you can get and bring in a real striker and while you're at it bring in a central mid cause mikel and Ramires are average.