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Source says Guardiola may snub Chelsea and wait for the Manchester United job

SkySports - Sources close to Pep Guardiola say the in-demand manager may turn down the Chelsea job because he wants to take charge at Manchester United.

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karim3719d ago

Sir Alex isn't leaving anytime soon..

b163o13719d ago

Yeah Pep will be waiting at lease three more seasons IMO.

He also seems to think that he's entitled to a strong club. I really want to see what he's capable of achieving with a mediocre team.

oli3717d ago

I think he is entitled to a big club since he's helped evolve football, but I get what you are saying. I think you meant to say you'd like to see what he can do with a team that is in ruins, maybe liverpool?

Diffraction_Fos3717d ago

@Oli - Yeah, the best thing for Liverpool would be to change the manager AGAIN in the summer. Who needs stability and consistency, eh?

imtiyaz63718d ago

He's probably gonna end up at City.

no_more_heroes3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Most likely. Regardless of what anyone says, I don't see Fergie retiring anytime soon. At least, not soon enough for it to make sense to Guardiola to wait. Whether City go for him or not, though, depends on how Mansour and Co. see the club's current CL situation. They could look at it one of two ways:

1. "Well, for our first two years we've been dropped into the toughest possible group. The first year we were unlucky not to make it (10 points is usually enough). It's only down to inexperience as a team. Let's give it a bit of time. We can't possibly be given the group of death EVERY year."


2. "We've spent hundreds of millions more on our squad than Dortmund and Ajax had on theirs and they wiped the floor with us. Man for man, we have better players than those two clubs. We should've at least finished second. Clearly the problem lies with the manager. Let's bring in a CL winning manager who'll be better able to manage the competition."

Not in those exact words, obviously.

City's owners seem sensible enough though, so I'd like to think they're leaning more towards the first option, meaning Mancini will get a bit more time to get it right.

Gamer19823716d ago

I unfortunately agree that he will end up at City we have already brought in 2 ex Barca back staff who used to work with Pep no doubt preping the club for his arrival and the CL ejection will speed up his hiring. I dont think people will react too bad to Mancinis sacking. Sure he won the league but he did fail in a CL group where City should have come 2nd.He has had time to gel the team now and it was his fault they failed in the end.

KingPin3718d ago

well, his options are
A) move to chelsea, sit third on a log for 2 weeks and get fired. what have they had now? 10 coaches?


B) move to MUFC, stay in the top four and possibly have a job for the next 6-10 years with much more control of who comes and goes out of the team.

yeah, the chelsea option seems so much better. /s

Gamer19823716d ago

I seriously dont see him going united as Ferguson won't be retiring before he comes back and Chelsea he would be mad to goto that revolving door of a club.

abzdine3718d ago

i don't know what he's worth without Messi and co.

karim3718d ago

This is why I'd rather see us get Mou!

shadowraiden3718d ago

you wont get mourinho he doesnt like abromovich its why he left in the first place.

shadowraiden3718d ago

hmm interesting while i like the idea that he seems more interested in the United Job i dont know wether he can wait that long as its obvious from comments ferguson is making he wont step down till united have won more champions league and i can see the only way he steps down before then is due to health reasons(which to many surprised most likely will never happen due to him having something to do in his life, as its already been proved that people live longer and have better health towards the end of their life when they have something to do like fergie has currently)

tbh i can see Moyes being the one to take over at united hes showing everything ferguson admires at everton and just imagine what he could do with some financial power.

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