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Raheem Sterling Would Be Wise to Re-Sign with Reds

BR - Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has urged Reds starlet Raheem Sterling to commit to a new deal at Anfield, and the 17-year-old would benefit from taking his boss’ advice.

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PaPa-Slam3710d ago

This guy is too good for his age.

FootballZilla3710d ago

I think Raheem is a really good player but some he hasnt been performing recently... But i do think staying at the red would be his best choice.

karim3709d ago

He'd be dumb not to re-sign..First team football, won't get that in other places

ProjectVulcan3709d ago

The fact he has been offered a 20k contract at only 17 is impressive and I doubt anyone else will give him much more coupled with first team football.

It usually takes other youngsters at Manchester United etc a few more years to earn a deal as big as that and get regular games in the first team.

Nick Powell is on £5000 a week at Manchester United, but was only on £400 a week at Crewe!!

When he first came to training at United he turned up in his Vauxhall Corsa and parked it next to everybody elses Range Rovers and Bentleys LOL

karim3709d ago

20K is too much IMO for a 17 y.o! Loved the Nick Powell story!