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The 20 Best Players in Spain's La Liga Right Now

BR - It's all opinions, but there are plenty of people who believe Spain's La Liga to be the best top flight of football in the world right now.

One thing is for sure, it's certainly home to some of the best talent in the game—Andres Iniesta, Mesut Ozil, Radamel Falcao; the names just roll off the tongue, and to watch them is, at times, to be in the presence of some of the game's true greats.

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PaPa-Slam3715d ago

WTF Ozil in the main image and no mention of him at all.

He belongs in top 5 let alone in Top 20.

karim3714d ago

He's pretty inconsistent and very frustrating at times

PaPa-Slam3714d ago

I agree, but name me 1 played who has never been through a dry spell.

karim3714d ago

All I can think of is Messi, been years since I saw him play inconsistently bad games (against Chelsea, he had an assist and many shots last season, was unlucky)

FootballZilla3714d ago

Is there no pepe or ramos?