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We wanted Europa League qualification, insists Mancini after Borussia Dortmund defeat

The Manchester City boss cut an apologetic figure has he lamented his side's failure to test the German side, while maintaining he wanted to remain in European competition

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karim3284d ago

Bottom of the group, winless...That's just embarrassing

ScytheX33284d ago

last years champions of europe and this year exiting champions league after group stage... also embarassing =)

karim3283d ago

Meh, was expecting a comment like this, at least we won a few games and actually had a chance (even though it was minimal)

krazykombatant3283d ago

Doesn't change the fact that you still went out of the champions.

FootballZilla3284d ago

They did have a hard group but i think they still should of been battling for second or first place..

buddymagoo3284d ago

I love tat argument, Borussia Dortmund had a hard group and smashed it when only a year ago they couldn't get through an easy group.

FootballZilla3284d ago

that made no sense.. i said City had an hard group which is true and they should have battled to finish 1st or 2nd.. which is true..

krazykombatant3283d ago

Same can be said of ManU buddymagoo. But this was somewhat expected big tough group and only the hungriest teams made it through.

XboxInnovation3283d ago

Mancini is one late Aguero goal away from complete failure of a manager.