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Wenger Not Happy with Theo Walcott's Contract Situation

Arsene Wenger is not pleased with Theo Walcott.

According to The Guardian, Arsenal's manager is upset that his forward still hasn't resolved his contract dispute with the club.

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crazyturkey3711d ago

I don't think is convenient at the moment if Walcott leaves for either party. If he leaves, then Arsenal lose the most game changing player they have at the moment, at least until the midfielders get going again. If Walcott wants to leave, I don't think many big teams are really interested in him. Man. United are obviously covered on attack, so I doubt he wants to go there. Man. City will take him only for a laugh and then to warm the bench if he's lucky. Chelsea could be an option, but he won't be playing in the middle since Torres is unmovable and with Falcao seemingly on his way, the move might be out of the question.......City and Chelsea though can offer much more money than Arsenal. Then, there is Liverpool which I've heard is his childhood team. They may give him the chance to play upfront and offer him a fair amount of money in the process, however at this time IMO it would be step back in his career. The last of the good teams is Tottenham, I wonder if he is willing to go there. Outside of England I doubt many big teams rate him either.
Now maybe this is because I'm an Arsenal supporter, but IMO for his career it's best for him to stay put for a few more seasons at least he still young. However, if he doesn't want to stays at all, it's best if he leaves instead of having a negative impact on the rest of the team.

freeduck3711d ago

Walcott has already stated that him (and his dad) are LFC supporters.
I don't know how much Rodgers rates Walcott. Rodgers wants someone with lots of game intelligence. I do know that Walcott has been mismanaged at Arsenal so I feel that if he wants to move his career forward he needs to leave. Given that he will be sold for a bargain this January, I wouldn't mind him although I would definitely start Sterling over him.

crazyturkey3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

If he leaves for Liverpool he will still be in a similar situation to what he's in now. He will probably play as a winger and not in the middle too. At least he could play for his childhood team, that could be a plus. Liverpool though IMO need a goal scoring striker to free up Suarez. I would take Sterling though as a replacement for Walcott. I've read somewhere that he hasn't committed to a new contract yet. However, if this is because he wants an obscene amount of money, never mind.
I think Arsenal(hoping)and Liverpool will be fighting over the same striker(s) in January. Huntelar just to name one. Arsenal though IMO need a CDM more than anything, to help when Diaby is out. That way Arteta can be moved forward to help cazorla on the attack. A good CDM in and then Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere can take turns playing and resting more often or when injuries happen.

FootballZilla3711d ago

I agree with crazyturkey if he goes to Liverpool his going to be in the same situation as he is in now..

Dungus3710d ago

Have some balls. Offer a suitable contract and if he doesn't want it, get rid of him and use the money to bring in someone who wants to play for the team. Wenger's all over the shop recently.