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Highlights: Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United (EPL - 09/12/12)

TV Golo -

0-1 Rooney 16'

0-2 Rooney 29'

1-2 Toure 60'

2-2 Zabaleta 86'

2-3 R. van Persie 90+1'

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buddymagoo3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Woop Woop!!

Should have been 2-4 with the Ashley Young disallowed goal that was onside.

-Mezzo-3711d ago

United were all over City for the first half, but City really turned the table in the second Half of the Second Half.

And *F* that fan for throwing stuff.

Abdou233711d ago

I'm sick & tired of referees bad decisions.It's really hurting the game. 2 disallowed goals in 2 matches in a row. And a 100% correct disallowed penalty kick for Evra.

It's a disgrace.

ProjectVulcan3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Don't know how anyone could say it wasn't deserved. The basic fact is it should have been 3-0 and City kicking off 45 seconds after that legit Young goal, not 2-1 and United kicking off. United put 4 good goals past City at home this time.

Not to mention the way some fans behaved, raining missiles down on Rooney at corners, hitting Ferdinand, A City smurf running on to try and start a fight, Balotelli sulking, Tevez kicking out at Jones and a fan arrested for racial abuse. Then even MORE racial abuse directed at Ferdinand on twitter after when he made light of the incident.

United battled through a lot today and I would hope even most City fans would think United deserved it, and be disgusted with the behaviour seen as well.

b163o13711d ago

Only fitting United end our streak at the Etihad. Great derby, thought we would've came out with a draw, but a deflection changed that. Can't wait to meet at OldTrafford..

ProjectVulcan3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

It is good that United have got a bunch of tough away games out the way now. City, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool.

City of course have no European football which will help a lot after January, and United have a fairly difficult looking run in from April.

United will need to go into that home game ahead of City and probably win it to take the title back.

The City double over United last season really were the games that gave City the title, not least of all the goals. If United pull off the double this time out, I think they will be the ones to win it.

Nes_Daze3711d ago

I don't think United deserved the win, City seemed more menacing, and got extremely unlucky 2-3 times, but then again, United was critical in their scoring opportunities. First goal was shit though, honestly. Oh well, 6 points isn't that bad, City needs to regroup and make a comeback like last season.

asmith23063711d ago

Great game and Utd deserved it in my opinion. It started with Mancini picking Balotelli, why on earth did he do that when he hasn't even had him on the bench for a lot of games this season?? Then he hauls him off at half time anyway, a waste of time. And to be fair, two of Utds goals were helped by City being terrible in defense. Joe Hart could have got to the first goal and Clichy shouldn't have tried to play out of defense. Nasri could have blocked Van Persies goal too. All too often this season, City are their own downfall.

jak3y13oy3711d ago

What a game!

United need to stop stopping going for goals even if their 2-1 up.. but RVP i <3 you! :D

Stay classy City...

goku323593711d ago

Van Persie scores from a Nasri assist! ...wait a minute, when did we go back to 2010?

Anyways, great game. United deserve the win. Young was called offside even though he was onside. I was looking at the stats though and De Gea made 10x the saves as Hart. De Gea getting better and better.

Mozilla893711d ago

That was a great game but that first goal went in so slowly, I feel like Hart had time to adjust and make the save.

dennett3163711d ago

No way, he was wrong footed by Rooney scuffing the shot slightly. His weight was all on the other side as he thought Rooney would shoot to the left of him. Joe Hart is a top keeper, but once you're on the wrong foot it's very hard to re-adjust.

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