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Ferdinand struck by object thrown from crowd

Rio Ferdinand struck by object thrown from crowd as Man United celebrate late winner

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karim3713d ago

United fans did the same thing to Bellamy three years ago.

buddymagoo3713d ago

That's probably because scumbag Bellamy hit a United fan

karim3713d ago

Can't condone what he did but that fan looked like a thug and if he wasn't held back, he would have surely attacked some City players

Nes_Daze3713d ago

Their actions aren't justified by what happened to Bellamy, but hey, we can't single them out, there's plenty, and plenty, of examples of other fans being scumbags.

goku323593713d ago

"Reports are surfacing that $amir Na$ri is still at the Etihad Stadium collecting the coins that are on the pitch."

Why the hell would they do that? I understand they're pissed off they lost, but throwing stuff at the players?! Some fans as far as to blame Ferdinand for taunting. Yes, he shouldn't have done that, but that doesn't excuse what some of the fans did.


Typical City, throwing money at their problems as usual.

karim3712d ago

What an amazingly overused joke..

Diffraction_Fos3712d ago

WOW! Ferdinand, who kicked the ball into a fan's face in frustration, breaking his/her nose a few years ago is complaining to Fergie's Association about being pelted with a coin?

Grow some balls and do this, you crybaby.

Jonnyquest3213712d ago

@Diffraction, you are so full of it mate. Ferdinand kicking the ball onto the fan was an accident, it hit a Utd supporter and he apologised to her after the match and and she accepted it. A bit different to someone deliberately throwing a coin to hurt someone no? Also what does growing balls have to do with putting a coin in a sock? Any player who has a coin thrown at them should report it to the F.A, simples.

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