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Roberto Mancini criticises cowardly Samir Nasri

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini slammed midfielder Samir Nasri for failing to show proper commitment to the cause and put his body on the line.

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karim3707d ago

He even called him "half a man" which I found pretty hilarious

ProjectVulcan3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

"City had shown great desire and courage"

No, they showed huge luck and bad official decisions. A fitting way to lose the game is a mercenary chickening out of putting himself on the line.....

karim3705d ago

They came back from 2 goals down..and mate, can't you realise how ironic talking about "huge luck and bad refereeing decision" when you're a United fan?

ProjectVulcan3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

They didn't come back from 2 goals down because they were actually 3 goals down.

Can't YOU realise how ironic it is as a Chelsea supporter lecturing others on luck and refereeing decisions?!?!?!??!

Can't deny my opening paragraph here, so don't bother.

I was perfectly happy to see someone like Nasri throw the game City didn't deserve to be drawing in anyways.

karim3705d ago

Mate, United is the team which benefits the most from bad refereeing in this league..It won't always go their way obviously.

Young's goal was defo a goal, can't deny it but saying they didn't deserve to draw is foolish, they never gave up and they were only let down by a chicken in the form of a footballer

ProjectVulcan3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

"Mate, United is the team which benefits the most from bad refereeing in this league" United should have won the title last season based on ref decisons- by a long way too. In fact when you go back to 2009-10 and Chelsea won it, United could have easily won that too because in the Chelsea games, Chelsea got some really fortunate decisions that cost United at least a point, which would have handed United the title instead.

Its pretty much a misconception and blatant lie from bitters that United get most of the rub of the green. Certainly they don't, no more than other top clubs anyway....... whereby Chelsea rarely get awarded penalties against at home but Manchester United aren't even in the top 5....

pompombrum3705d ago

@karim Come on man, Chelsea have beaten utd on at least two times one of which gifted them the league due to dodgy decisions. One such thing was when Drogba was literally a yard offside yet the linesman didn't see it.

@vulcanproject I'm a utd fan and even I think we got lucky against City. You could argue that Young's goal should have stood but in the first half they were all over us.

ProjectVulcan3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

United didn't got lucky, they just played smarter. Last season Ferguson got it badly wrong in this fixture, he set up to play defensive and it cost United because that was how they played and they never got a decent attack all game. That I'll freely admit but lucky this game? No way!

Soon as I saw the teamsheet this time he got it mostly right. He was plainly going to attack and counter attack classically as Manchester United often do, with two pacey wingers and two strikers- not even a holding midfielder.

City had lots of the ball early on but did little with it. Once United had actually settled City were caught dead on with several counter attacks and their defence was pulled all over the shop. City were actually incredibly poor defensively (Nastasic was awful), getting caught out and conceding 4 at home if you think about it! With that first goal advantage though the game turned and United took control and attacked more.

As a sidenote, City might appear to have the best defensive record in the league, but in Europe it has been shown if you have a go at them and have quality attackers, they struggle and concede a lot. It hasn't happened in the league much because most smaller sides are too afraid to actually come out and have a go whereas good European teams aren't.

3-0 was just the icing on the cake, and had it counted, I would have expected United to sit deep after that and not attack outright anymore, just soak it up and counter when possible.

Because it didn't and City scored immediately afterwards and it was 2-1, United simply couldn't afford to sit back like they would have at 3-0.

In other words the game plan worked up until the bad decision to rule the goal offside. Thats not lucky at all!

At 3-0 City would have been dead and buried because United would have just defended and no doubt not conceded two....2-1 just allowed the game to still be open when it shouldn't have been.

Kopite_20203704d ago

Reckon Karim is from London though, argument over.

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mafiahajeri3704d ago

Chelsea are the luckiest team ever to win the CL. Luck isn't even enough there needs to be a new word created for what happened last year...

karim3704d ago

I call it determination, passion, never give up attitude..Sure luck played its part but no way we would have won it we weren't so determined

karim3706d ago

To be honest, he was acting like a coward and Nasri needed some harsh words

mafiahajeri3704d ago

I'm baffled by the amount of bubbles you have , harsh words? Calling a player a coward is not acceptable in any situation.

chrisarsenalsavart3705d ago

no good manager should go on insulting his players in front of the media.
that kind of talk should be left in the dressing room.

mancini should blame himself for the team,s poor results.

Thefreeman0123705d ago

City can make excuses why they lost the game. but they still lost. get over it, they are not that good of a team.

chukamachine3705d ago

Nasri hasn't been the same player since he left arsenal.

He is very lazy.

City need to get rid of balotelli, he is crap.

Man utd don't have great players, but they play as a team.