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Wilshere believes that Arsenal can still win the league

The Gunners' midfielder thinks that his side can fight for the title, in spite of their current run of form, which leaves them 18 points adrift of Manchester United in first place

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ProjectVulcan3751d ago

Someone call the loony bin, one of their footballers escaped

crazyturkey3751d ago

Well, the biggest problems are that 1 Man. United has to have a run of at least 3 bad results, Man. City, Chelsea and Tottenham too. Second Arsenal has to have a good run of at least 4 games earning full points, to be anywhere near close to the top.....At the moment Man. United don't seem to be in any danger of a bad streak. Man. City maybe. Chelsea are in one and Tottenham who knows. The second problem is IMO far harder to happen. Arsenal can't seem to take flight consistently so it will be hard to even fight for 3rd and 4th spot.

Dungus3751d ago

He should be fed up. He should be asking important questions and criticising the board's lack of ambition, not filling the fans' heads full of mumbo-jumbo nonsense. Do other Arsenal players think they can unrealistically win anything? Pretty deluded if they do.

I mean, technically, Arsenal can still win the league and crazier things have happened, but it's just not going to happen. Haha.