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Best strike force in Europe? Rooney & Van Persie can win the lot for Manchester United

The unrivaled form of the Englishman and the Dutchman is something to behold and puts Sir Alex Ferguson's men in the driving seat for the Premier League title race

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ProjectVulcan3757d ago

They are doing well without Kagawa. If Kagawa can come back and turn it on, maybe make it work with Cleverley and Carrick then United will be a force in europe too.

Vidic back is a massive boost and a solid central defensive partnership will be the real key to more than just the league.....

crazyturkey3757d ago

To be honest The one thing that should bother them is that defense. One thing they could do to work around it, is to play possession football and keeping the ball away from their own defense most of the time.

p_bateman3757d ago

best strikeforce in europe lol
Falcao on his own is better than shrek and rvp

ProjectVulcan3756d ago

Falcao is great but he is playing in a weakened league. He wouldn't score as many in England. It is stupid how far ahead Barcelona already are.