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Sinclair hopes patience will bring him 'more game time' at Manchester City

The winger remains confident that joining Roberto Mancini's side was the correct decision, while he revealed that he is more than happy to wait his turn in the side

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jak3y13oy3440d ago

LOL! hope you bring a blanket to every match because its getting colder!

PaPa-Slam3439d ago

lol > you're being harsh on him.

goku323593440d ago

If they're not going to play him, at least loan him out...

Why did they even buy him if they're just going to let him rot on the bench?

shadowraiden3439d ago

because mancini has to spend the money hes given he doesnt know anything else, hes like a 5 year old given some money in a sweet shop.

b163o13438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )


The guy was only brought to the team to cover for Yaya when he leaves for the ANC. We lost a lot of points last year when he departed. Mancini was trying to cover his ass in case we run into the same problem. With that said I don't think he's good enough to help us if we was in need of points that late in the season.

I think Mancini's time is up at MCFC, not making it past the KO stage in the CL is his nail in the coffin.


asmith23063439d ago

One of the most bizarre transfers of the last year, along with Jack Rodwell.