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Highlights: Valladolid 1-3 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 22/12/12)

[0-1] Xavi 43'
[0-2] L. Messi 59'
[1-2] J. Guerra 89'
[1-3] C. Tello 90' +4'

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Nes_Daze3748d ago

Great to see Tello score! Love how he plays, Messi basically became a midfielder for that first goal, guess people find it convenient to ignore that Messi is also one hell of a playmaker.

jak3y13oy3748d ago

yeah he does make some goals as well as score them! ;D

jak3y13oy3748d ago

91 goals is the record then! :D

Corepred43748d ago

Not according to FIFA. 91 goals is still crazy though.