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'Van Persie could have been killed' - Sir Alex Ferguson calls for action against Williams

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claims Robin van Persie "could have been killed" when Ashley Williams kicked the ball against his striker during Sunday's 1-1 draw with Swansea.

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buddymagoo4198d ago

I wonder what kind of speed the ball was going and I think if it was an old ball and not one of these new lightweight malleable balls it would have done some damage.

A bit of an over reaction though.

KingPin4197d ago

it really doesnt matter if it was the new one or old one, it was at point blank range. it has the same effect of actually getting kicked in the head.

over reaction, i think not. if i was RVP i would have got up and kicked that guys ass.

XboxInnovation4196d ago

Not even close. Maybe a mild concussion at worst. SAF is doing his best to get Williams suspended.

hazelamy4197d ago

funny how somebody kicking a ball at one of his players, in a football match of all things, yet aiming a flying kick at a spectators head is a slap on the wrist offence.

and how many times did roy keane commit deliberate, almost career ending tackles on other players?

if a football to the head is potentially lethal to his players, i'd say they're in the wrong sport, maybe they should be playing tiddlywinks.

buddymagoo4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

One is to the body and the other is to the head you moron.

Let me break it down for you, a hit to to head is life threatening and a hit to the body is vary very rarely.

From a premier league physio
"Being struck that hard from such a short distance could have knocked him out. I’ve seen players knocked out by free-kicks struck from 10 yards away.
If you are unconscious, there is then a risk of trauma to the brain. A blow that fierce is like being hit in boxing - the damage is unpredictable. It can lead to internal bleeding and permanent damage, or there can be just an aching head."

Many boxers have died in the ring from such force.

hazelamy4197d ago

regardless of how dangerous the kick was, this is still yet another example of the hypocrisy of ferguson.

and what about cantona?
that kick was aimed at the guy's head.

you could debate whether kicking the ball at the head of Van Persie was deliberate, but only Williams knows for certain.
but with cantona there was only one reason why he went feet first at a spectator.
studs aimed at the guys face

if that had been a player from the opposing team, fergie would have called for a lifetime ban, but because he was a man u player, he gave him a slap on the wrists.

frankly, i think cantona was bloody lucky to avoid being arrested and charged with assault.

and it doesn't matter how far away the ball came from when it hits the players head, just the speed, so potentially any attempt to head the ball could be life threatening.

i've seen players take pretty hard shots to the head from fast balls, i doubt this kick was much worse than those.

so fergie saying this was life threatening is just more of the hypocritical hyperbole he employs when man u don't get the results he wants.

buddymagoo4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

I understand that you might have an agenda but Sir Alex said it was the worse he had seen for MANY YEARS. Ruling out Cantona's kung fu kick because that was many many (17) years ago. Sir Alex punished him 2 weeks wages anyway so what your talking about is rubbish!

And regardless where you speculate as to where he aimed Cantona hit him in the body.

And Cantona was arrested and convicted for assault, resulting in a two week prison sentence. This was overturned in the appeal court and instead he was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Get your facts right!

Take your goggles off, spewing misinformation and propaganda.

asmith23064197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

This is one of the best comments (hazelamy) I have seen on this site, bubble up added. Williams might have been an idiot but to say he could have killed RvP is sensationalist to the max. Top it off with what some of his players have gotten away with during his time and it is quite a hypocritical comment. RvP was fine, and it would take a lot more than a football to the head to do any damage. Heat of the moment incident, move on.

p_bateman4197d ago

Lol killed really

The top comments from the daily mail made me laugh.

Ironic he wasn't as outraged when Roy Keane tried to amputate Alf-Inge Haalands leg

Mmm, Van Persie looked on deaths doorstep as he jumped up

This coming from the guy who used to manage kung-fu cantona

Would have missed if he had a normal size head.

Yes purple nose there have been 27 recorded deaths this year of players being hit in the head by a football so very dangerous it defies belief

Taggart has finally lost the plot.

karim4197d ago

Who knew that Sir Alex is a huge drama queen!

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