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Wenger: I will only sign exceptional players for Arsenal in January

The Gunners boss is under pressure to add to his squad following his worst start to a season with the club, but is only in the market for signings who will make a real difference.

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no_more_heroes2983d ago

"We are in the market, but only if we find players who will really strengthen us..."

shouldn't be too difficult tbh.

crazyturkey2982d ago

We can only dream........Anyways I still think our priority should be a new CDM, after that anything Wenger signs should be ok.

ProjectVulcan2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

He didn't say exceptionally good. Just exceptional.

Gervinho for example has an exceptional forehead which is why he was signed.

KonohagakureFC2982d ago

So in other words he's saying he wont buy anybody

Blackdeath_6632981d ago

yeah he basically said "we will buy players not"

Dungus2982d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. The guy needs 100 million quid and he needs to want to spend it all on 4 or 5 "exceptional" players who need to want to come. And he doesn't. And they don't. And they won't. The end.

Theo11302982d ago

Falcao to Arseanl, I'll bet anyone 5 bucks. That or Cavani.

pompombrum2981d ago

Falcao to Arsenal? Or even Cavani? Arsenal wouldn't be able to meet their wage demands.. they'd offer Falcao something like 120k while someone like Chelsea/City would offer him 200k+.

Theo11302981d ago

You assume falcao is only concerned with money. He's a different player, he loves challenges and hit career has proven that. From the time he was at river plate.

silvacrest2981d ago

arsenal cant afford Falcao

ozzywazzy2981d ago

"I will only sign exceptional players for Arsenal in January."

We all know this means 2 or 3 mid table French league footballers. Move along.

jony_dols2981d ago

Some of Arsenal's best players in the EPL era (Henry, Vieira, Sagna, Pires & Nasri come to mind)were products of the French League, br'ah.