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Mourinho hasn't told Casillas why he was dropped, reveals Karanka

The retired defender believes the coach's decisions should not be questioned and thinks the Portuguese does not owe the public an explanation for his actions

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jak3y13oy2980d ago

Who knows why he was dropped...

Arguments with each other?

Maybe jose wanted other keepers to play?

Who knows!?

PaPa-Slam2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I think manager ( Mourinho )shouldn't have felt the need to explain his move.

alousow2979d ago

he is a coach wtf he doesnt need to explain shit. this pppl pisses me off

KazumaKiryu2979d ago

I think I read somewhere that Casillas didn't agree with mourinho's dirty tactics and said that he wouldn't be part of it i.e. would not play dirty, so maybe that's why he was dropped.

krazykombatant2979d ago

lol where you read that, the reason he was dropped was because mou said that adam was playing better than casillas which could be argued considering how poor casillas has been the past month.

KazumaKiryu2977d ago

Something I read on a forum so wasn't sure if it was true but seemed like it was at the time.

crazyturkey2978d ago

Casillas: "Why did you dropped me off the star lineup?"
Mourinho: "Because I can."