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Highlights: Chelsea 0-2 Swansea ( Capital One Cup 01/09/2013 )

[0-1] Michu - 39'
[0-2] Daniel Graham - 90'

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goku323592974d ago

2 horrible mistakes from Ivanovic = 2 goals for Swansea. One abysmal performance from Torres = No goals from Chelsea.

Why did Torres even start? He was completely anonymous. Ba came closer to scoring in 10 minutes than Torres did in 80.

crazyturkey2974d ago

I guess Ba must be punching himself in the nuts because he signed for a club that will have him benched so that a mostly useless player keeps playing.

goku323592974d ago

I think after this night Benitez would be crazy to even consider starting Torres for the next 3 or 4 games...

Ba came so close on two occasions... If he would have started I have a feeling we would have at least gotten something out of this game.

RGB2974d ago

Should of triggered a release clause in Michu's contract! hahaha

Probably less than £7 million! :D

GribbleGrunger2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I don't knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo w!

ProjectVulcan2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Ba was unlucky to have his goal ruled offside. Swansea were amazingly fortunate to have 2 gifts. Swansea still have work to do yet though. Chelsea will go there now all out attack knowing they must and as good as Swansea can be, they'll struggle to resist for too long.

If Chelsea manage to score first in the first half they'll have Swansea wobbling all second but looking for a counter. It is setup for a quality second leg I suspect.

dennett3162974d ago

@goku32359, in regards to Torres starting, that may not be the managers decision to make unfortunately. Roman Abramovich wants Torres to start, that's why Benitez was brought in in the first place, as he was able to get the best out of the player at Liverpool.

Until Abramovich stops hampering the manager by forcing him to play a player who 90% of the time doesn't turn up, things won't improve at Chelsea.

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crazyturkey2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Ivanovic, what a night to forget.

asmith23062974d ago

True but good god torres needs time to have a hard think to himself, the bench would be perfect for that kind of thing.

RGB2974d ago

What was I saying about Chelsea yesterday... :)

RGB2974d ago

Chelsea fans still happy with Ba after chasing Falcao for over a year? No one wants to answer! haha

karim2974d ago

Can't you realize how dumb you sound? He played for 13 mins, made 4 chances, scored a goal which was incorrectly ruled offside. Did you expect him to score five goals in 10 mins? Geez

RGB2974d ago

Well done, I talking about the signing in general not his perform! Torres needs real competition for his place and Ba is no Drogba.

If you think Ba is better or a good deal over Falcao you have problems, more than Chelsea do clearly!

oli2974d ago

Who said Ba is better than Falcao? and what does drogba have to do with this?

karim2974d ago

Lol mate, real competition? You think Ba isn't as good as Torres (Well, the past 2 years). Mate, there won't be competition because Torres is "The chosen oone" and won't be dropped no matter who comes. We have a terrific board

RGB2974d ago

At least we can agree on something, your board is terrible.

Ba isn't going to win you major trophies and Torres turns up once a month at best.

silvacrest2974d ago

WTF are you talking about?

competition for torres??.....

torres should be sold for however much roman can get for him

Ba looked like scoring with only 10 mins of play time, torres looked unlikely for 80 mins

karim2974d ago

Ba actually score, he was onside but alas, this wasn't our day..Ba to start or we riot

dennett3162974d ago

@karim, he actually wasn't onside by the letter of the law as it's now defined. If any part of the body with which a player can score is beyond the line of the last defender, it is offside.
As daft as I think it is, Ba was offside because his leg was ahead of the defender. That's how the FA want the rule defined, and technically he was offside.

SadeckJaffal2974d ago

I think chelsea should always start with ba because he is shaped and maybe in last minutes replace him with torres sometimes .

karim2974d ago

Against Stoke, he should definitely start. Much, much more physical than Torres

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