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Betting Special: Where next for Frank Lampard

With his contract set to expire next summer and no new offer on the table, the Chelsea midfielder looks set to leave Stamford Bridge. Al Hain-Cole ponders where he may end up next

It doesn’t matter how passionately Chelsea fans protest, it seems that Frank Lampard’s days at Stamford Bridge are numbered.

With Roman Abramovich apparently pointing the club’s second all-time top scorer towards the exit door, the only question is where he will end up next.

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karim3420d ago

Horrible that we're letting our, arguably greatest ever player go like this..So much hate for the c*nts in our board like Ron Gourlay and Bruce Buck who serve as advisors to Roman.

SadeckJaffal3420d ago

when someone talk about chelsea at the moment or something i think of lampard , terry , cech and others , so how could they let someone like that go ...
these represent the history oh chelsea they are legends .

ProjectVulcan3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Would prefer a few more younger player at Manchester United than Lampard and Cole, but also know they have plenty left to offer any top flight club.

Chelsea would regret it if they let Lampard and Cole walk for nothing. Before they have properly become surplus to requirements and their impact reduced to nothing.

At the moment Lampard still shows what impact he has for Chelsea and nobody at the club who makes these decision seems to see it. Their problem.

He could make an impact perfectly well at United for a couple more years, or anywhere else like in Italy as suggested.

goku323593420d ago

I'm optimistic, mainly because I can't picture a Chelsea without the legend that is Lampard. I'm still hoping Lampard and Cold are offered new contracts.

I'm such an optimistic person, I still hope Torres starts scoring regularily...

krazykombatant3420d ago

shows how grateful the Chelsea Board is.

SadeckJaffal3419d ago

i remember how sad i was when raul was transferred to Schalke 04

theEx1Le3419d ago

This is the exact thing I thought when I first heard he was being let go. Amazing how these clubs forget what these players did for them.

no_more_heroes3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

This is the same kind of mistake Arsenal made with letting the likes of Vieira and Henry go.

This is not a very wise decision. Why not keep him on in the background as a mentor for young and new players to learn from? Seems like the sensible thing to do with players of such legendary status and experience at a club.

crazyturkey3419d ago

At his age Italy could be a good place to go to play.