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Ronaldo: Real Madrid still have a lot to win this year

The Portuguese attacker remains optimistic about his side's chances of success this term, and has once more urged the Madrid supporters to back the team

Cristiano Ronaldo has insisted that Real Madrid still have everything to play for this season as they can still win the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

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krazykombatant3794d ago

If we can get those two cups, the season would be an amazing one.

SadeckJaffal3794d ago

if we get just the Champions League , it will be awesome !!!

krazykombatant3794d ago

Sad thing will be even if Madrid get all of that this season, we'll still be considered second fiddle to barca. Just like the messi/ronaldo bit.

karim3793d ago

Hope it'll actually, would like a Barca-Real final, Mou winning it then leaves..Would be typical of him

SadeckJaffal3793d ago

I hope that the "domination of barca" ends in Europe and Real Madrid returns to its glorious past