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Ramos wants 'fair and just' punishments for refs

The Merengues defender has responded in kind to his lengthy suspension by speaking of his hope that his suspension will be matched by those given to referees

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has called for equally "fair and just" punishments to be given to referees who get it wrong after he received a five-match ban for foul and abusive language.

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buddymagoo3791d ago

I agree completely. They should be treated no differently.

ProjectVulcan3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Well they should be paid as much as top level players then :-) Top level professional refs to be paid as much as top level players. That would be a fairer start, considering the crap refs have to put up with from, well, everyone.

Everyone gets annoyed at bad decisions from refs. Really bad ones that change games. I know I do. But after a little while after calming down and having thought about it, I think this:

I sympathise for refs. What refs really need is better tools to aid them making the correct decision. FIFA just resist and resist and resist. They prefer to blame the refs, they prefer to keep the controversy. They made it as difficult as possible to let goal line tech into the game and delayed it as much as they could.

When refs have pay parity and also no perfectly valid excuse to make a mistake like this, then I would consider this suggestion.

krazykombatant3791d ago

Hmmm, depends on the nature of it I guess. Still you shouldn't be bad mouthing the ref, its one of my biggest pet peeves when players gather around the ref telling him to card the opposing player or something they don't like. If I was a ref I would card every single person. Thats why you have a captain he speaks to the ref simple as that.

karim3791d ago

Agree with Ramos, Refs often get away many times from punishments

SadeckJaffal3791d ago

ramos is 100% right because when the referee canceled the goal of ronaldo (he thinks he was offside but he was not) no one has sanctioned him unlike the players like ramos who was banded for 5 games !!!
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