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Dortmund re-sign Sahin on 18-month loan

The Turkey star left BVB for Real Madrid in 2011, but was never able to showcase his best form at either the Bernabeu, or during a spell at Liverpool, and has now returned home

Borussia Dortmund have confirmed the return of Nuri Sahin, who left the club in 2011 for Real Madrid on an 18-month loan deal.

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karim3728d ago

Was a horrible decision of him leaving, let's see if he'll reemerge in Borussia

SadeckJaffal3728d ago

he's a really good player and i think he'll reemerge in dortmund and be as good as he was

RGB3728d ago

Silly purchase by Mourinho, was never getting first team football, not for years. Mourinho killed his career. :/

karim3728d ago

Agreed, it was unnecessary and Sahin's reputation is no longer the same..

RGB3727d ago

Dortmund haven't done too badly considering the players they've lost also.

crazyturkey3728d ago

Destroyed his growing momentum by joining Real Madrid.

buddymagoo3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

There was a rumour going around that he didn't play because Gerrard didn't like him???

krazykombatant3727d ago

haha same thing at madrid mou didn't seem to like him.

ProjectVulcan3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Liverpool mistake yet again. Sahin needed more games and playing in his preferred position. The move to Madrid was poor timing in terms of his career, but he is and will be a good player.

dazstar843727d ago

Problem is though, is how can you give more games to a player who was struggling to cope with the game here (there were games where you barely noticed him playing) whilst trying to get a club thats been declining back challenging the top teams in the Premiership.

I'd have loved to have seen him play more for Liverpool, but todays game sadly demands near instant success. It was worth a punt to take him on loan, just a shame it never worked out better than it did

big_dom_returns3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Are you for real or what? I've read half a dozen of your comments, and each and every time it has something to do with Liverpool FC, and you're talking complete bollocks. I think you might be a little obsessed with Liverpool, which is typical of Manchester United supporters, really.

ProjectVulcan3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

So big_dim, your comment is productive how? It adds to the discussion how? You mentioned Sahin how many times?

I come on here and discuss and comment about the topic and the issues. If you come on here to try and criticise other users and ignore the topic, then your comments are utterly worthless.

Try and form a useful opinion and argument next time, instead of 'you're talking bollocks'.

If its bollocks that Sahin can be a very good player and the Madrid move was premature, then tell us why. If its bollocks that Liverpool have mistakenly gotten rid of one of the more talented midfielders available to them, debate me why.

Otherwise, kindly keep quiet. Useless!

XboxInnovation3727d ago

Huntelaar had similar problems at Madrid then at milan and he seemed to turn out fine again.

karim3727d ago

He truly came back at Schalke