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Real Madrid has always been my son's dream, says Cavani's father

The father of the Partenopei star has revealed that as a child, his son wanted to play for the Spanish giants and he feels it would be the perfect club for him

Napoli striker Edinson Cavani has wanted to play for Real Madrid since he was a young boy, according to his father.

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karim3243d ago

Do Real actually need Cavani? Doubt it

jak3y13oy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

of course they dont... they will try to get him though because hes a quality player and Madrid wont want anyone else to have him!

SadeckJaffal3243d ago

what ?! of course we need someone like him or like falcao because higuain and benzema are not very good i mean not for a team like real madrid

shadowraiden3242d ago

lol its that kind of arrogance that has caused your team to be in such a state.

higuain and benzema were 2 of the best strikers in the world last season how about instead of just trying to buy everything all the time actually get players that will have real commitment to the club.

SadeckJaffal3241d ago

what ?!?! you wanna tell me that benzema and higuain are like falcao or cavani :O come on !!

shadowraiden3241d ago

For Real Madrid they would be just like benzema or Higuain it's become the club where u get payed a crap load the reason Barcelona are more successful is they buy players who are passionate for their club. Also no striker will shine in a team with ronaldo it just doesn't work look at united with ronaldo Rooney became a supporting striker to him which really is what u guys need.