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Moves Arsene Wenger Must Make to Save His Job and Arsenal's Season

BR - The clock is ticking on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

While he may be the best manager in the Gunners' history, Wenger needs to start winning some titles and getting the club more competitive in the Premier League.

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asmith23063411d ago

Arsenal are six points off the champions league spots with a game in hand and only half way into the season. They got beat by the league champions who have more than a double wage bill over Arsenal, hardly a surprise. The problem is not Wengers management, it's what he is confined to financially. He can't compete with the big guns anymore (Utd, City, Chelsea) in them terms, they are in the second tier when it comes to spending power.

The battle for Arsenal for many years now has been that fourth spot, along with the likes of Spurs, Everton and Liverpool. I really like Arsenal but I wish their fans would stop being so naive when it comes to their expectations. It's not going to change unless the board change. You have to make do with the players you have and can get, in my opinion Wenger is doing well considering this.

shadowraiden3411d ago

U say they compete yet they can. Doesn't help he wastes the money on lesser players who then don't play. Also doesn't help that he only seems to buy youngsters who aren't ready for first team. They have plenty of money in the bank and 1 of the richest owners in the premiership so your telling me they can't compete is bullshit it's just poor management with wenger stuck in his ways of not spending much and so arsenal have become a feeder club to the bigger teams who are willing to spend. As the saying goes u spend money to make money making a few big budget signings and then winning league and possibly champs league would pay for those players and more.

Dungus3411d ago

I think it's a bit of both. I can imagine Wenger's budget is extremely limited in the wages department (and I highly doubt he has 100m to spend on players either - which is what he needs), yet what he does with what is available to him hasn't been good enough for years. It really does feel like the end for him, I just wish someone would make the first move and stop dragging it out. It only adds insult to injury that fans have to pay as much as they do to go watch the team.

asmith23063411d ago

It's not a transfer budget they don't have, it's a wage budget and let's face it, the big players go where the big wages are. They can't compete for the premiership, they are now a third place team at best. They actually have more chance of winning the champions league than the league, all that is needed there is luck in arsenals case. They don't have the squad to compete week in week out in the league. The board are the only ones who can change that. Money has completely changed the dynamic of the premier league.